Worth Reading: The Role of Professional Certifications in Computer Occupations

27 September 2021

Achievement of professional certifications along with formal education, experience, and licenses provides the basis for employment qualifications.

Worth Reading: Don’t fall for the carrier marketing 5G fluff

27 September 2021

But with all that activity by competing carriers, there are myriad different names for 5G — some of which aren’t actually 5G.

Worth Reading: A Closer Look at How Juniper Location Services Deliver Unique Benefits

23 September 2021

The ability to gather accurate real-time data across the campus is extremely valuable and this is where Juniper’s focus on experience-first networking can offer unique benefits for colleges and universities.

Worth Reading: Video Meetings are the New Normal

23 September 2021

One of the big changes that came out of the pandemic will have a permanent impact on broadband networks. Holding online meetings on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, and other video platforms has become a daily part of business for many companies.

Worth Reading: Supply Chain Platforms Need A Disruption

22 September 2021

And in a post-2020 world, that need is stronger than ever—but it will take more than a traditional supply chain management system. It will need more data from more sources, all delivered and synthesized as close to real-time as possible.

Worth Reading: The Tipping Point For PCI-Express Fabrics

22 September 2021

In the longest of runs, say within the next five to ten years, in the large datacenters of the world the server chassis as we know it will no longer exist. We aren’t talking about the bent metal here. We are talking about ending the tyranny of the motherboard, which limits the scale and scope of the unit of compute in the datacenter.

Worth Reading: The Dance Between Compute And Network In The Datacenter

21 September 2021

In an ideal world, there is a balance between compute, network, and storage that allows for the CPUs to be fed with data such that they do not waste too much of their processing capacity spinning empty clocks.

Worth Reading: Data Center Architecture Is Changing with On-Premises Cloud Simplicity

21 September 2021

This approach overcomes the perception that traditional on-premises data centers are slow, complex and difficult to maintain day-to-day. Yet, many businesses still need tight control of their application deployment, data governance and long-term budget forecasting.

Worth Reading: How Real AI Drives Real Results for the Enterprise

21 September 2021

Juniper Networks’ recent global survey on AI readiness and adoption shows that 75% of APAC respondents now consider AI to be a strategic priority for their businesses.

Worth Reading: Isn’t It Time for an Artificial Intelligence Reality Check?

20 September 2021

If you’re getting tired of hearing that “strong AI” is just around the corner, you’re not alone. The Stephen Hawkings, Ray Kurzweils, and Elon Musks of the world have been putting humanity on notice with predictions of machines overtaking humans for decades.