Worth Reading: Infrastructure for the immersive Internet

21 February 2024

To enable a truly immersive tactile Internet, end-user technology needs to be developed and receive widespread acceptance, and the digital infrastructure needs to be put in place to transport immense quantities of data in the lowest possible latencies.

Worth Reading: DNSSEC vulnerability puts big chunk of the internet at risk

20 February 2024

Updated A single packet can exhaust the processing capacity of a vulnerable DNS server, effectively disabling the machine, by exploiting a 20-plus-year-old design flaw in the DNSSEC specification.

Worth Reading: Announcing the Open Multi-Perspective Issuance Corroboration Project

20 February 2024

Today we are announcing the development of a new open source project by our research group at Princeton University designed to strengthen certificate issuance against Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing attacks.

Worth Reading: AI-powered 6G wireless promises big changes

20 February 2024

The next-gen technology is still years away, but 6G wireless could enable futuristic high-bandwidth, low-latency applications.

Worth Reading: DNS OARC Meeting Notes

20 February 2024

The DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center (DNS-OARC) brings together DNS service operators, DNS software implementors, and researchers together to share concerns, information and learn together about the operation and evolution of the DNS.

Worth Reading: 250 million-plus reserved IPv4 addresses could be released

15 February 2024

Comment Activists are again lobbying for more than 250 million unused IPv4 addresses to be released for use, potentially tackling the IPv4 exhaustion problem. However, the proposal has been tried and failed before, and again faces formidable opposition.

Worth Reading: How HTTP/3 improves secure shells

15 February 2024

What would the SSH protocol look like if it was made today with recent network technologies?

Worth Reading: Power Over Ethernet

14 February 2024

Power over Ethernet is the delivery of electrical power to networked devices over the same Ethernet cabling that connects them to the LAN.

Worth Reading: BGPWatch — A comprehensive platform for detecting and diagnosing hijacking incidents

14 February 2024

This blog post will introduce BGPWatch, a comprehensive platform that provides a detailed overview of BGP routing and analysis.

Worth Reading: DNS Delegation Record

13 February 2024

A different approach was proposed by Kazunori Fujiwara in the draft delegation-information-signer, where the delegation information is hashed and signed within the parent zone, allowing a querier to retrieve and validate this hash value and confirm that it is the hash of the delegation information.