Worth Reading: Inbound QoS

22 August 2019

One of my recent blogs alluded to inbound QoS. This topic came up in a recent consulting engagement. After considerable thought and some research (sounds better than “I googled some things”, doesn’t it?), I’ve concluded the following … —Peter Welcher

Worth Reading: Data Center AI

22 August 2019

An artificial intelligence (AI) strategy for data center management and operation requires more than just data and some very smart humans. Selecting specific use cases and understanding the types of data that influence AI outcomes — and then validating those outcomes — will be key if the needs of the business are to be met.…

Worth Reading: Enterprise Migration Gains Momentum

21 August 2019

Over the last three years, large hyperscale and cloud computing deals have provided most of the headlines for public data center companies during earnings season. During the second quarter of 2019, enterprise adoption came to the fore. —Rich Miller

Worth Reading: Will Cisco be the next AWS road kill?

21 August 2019

For decades, large organizations have controlled their internal network traffic with switches and routers configured by proprietary operating systems. The hardware is expensive (a single appliance can easily hit $10,000) and the cost of hiring the trained admins needed to maintain them can be much higher. —David Clinton

Worth Reading: The 2019 IPv4 Market

20 August 2019

After a slow start to 2019, the volume of IPv4 numbers traded is picking up — though still far below the peak trading periods of 2018. —Janine Goodman

Worth Reading: How complete is our view of the Internet

20 August 2019

Today, many commonly used services such as hijack detection, outage detection, or importance rankings rely on the data of route collectors. While a single route collector can have a large number of feeders due to various business aspects of inter-domain routing, every feeder only provides a limited ‘view’ of the Internet’s routing ecosystem. —Lars Prehn

Worth Reading: Unlocking Growth Potential for Wholesalers

19 August 2019

5G represents a huge business opportunity for operators able to offer wholesale transport solutions to the mobile network operators (MNOs). This can be existing mobile backhaul (MBH) wholesalers evolving their current 3G and 4G MBH portfolio. —David Stokes

Worth Reading: DNS Query Privacy

19 August 2019

Much has been said and written in recent times about the use of the Domain Name System (DNS) as a means of looking at the behaviour of end systems and inferring user behaviours. —Geoff Huston

Worth Reading: New Platform, New Curriculum

16 August 2019

This has been a very busy summer, and unfortunately, the impact of summer travel on the ability to provide regular updates has been felt strongly. However, I’m happy to report that today, we have something to show for it. —Matt Oswalt

Worth Reading: Taking Bytes out of IPv6

15 August 2019

At last month’s Internet Engineering Task Force meeting in Montreal, Canada (IETF 105), my colleagues — Sheng Jiang and Guangpeng Li from Huawei — and I presented two new proposals to improve the efficiency and functionality of IPv6. —Brian Carpenter