Complexity Reduction?

Back in January, I ran into an interesting article called The many lies about reducing complexity:

Reducing complexity sells. Especially managers in IT are sensitive to it as complexity generally is their biggest headache. Hence, in IT, people are in a perennial fight to make the complexity bearable.

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In this study, we investigate DoT using 3.2k RIPE Atlas home probes deployed across more than 125 countries in July 2019. We issue DNS measurements using Do53 and DoT, which RIPE Atlas has been supporting since 2018, to a set of 15 public resolver services (five of which support DoT), in addition to the local probe resolvers, shown in the figures below.

In the early days of congestion control signaling, we originally came up with the rather crude “Source Quench” control message, an ICMP control message sent from an interior gateway to a packet source that directed the source to reduce its packet sending rate.

Today, networking infrastructure is designed to deliver software ‘quickly’, ranging from a few seconds to hours.

The Hedge 79: Brooks Westbrook and the Data Driven Lens

Many networks are designed and operationally drive by the configuration and management of features supporting applications and use cases. For network engineering to catch up to the rest of the operational world, it needs to move rapidly towards data driven management based on a solid understanding of the underlying protocols and systems. Brooks Westbrook joins Tom Amman and Russ White to discuss the data driven lens in this episode of the Hedge.


Loose Lips


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The Hedge 78: Mike Bushong and Radical Candor

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