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The Hedge Episode 12: Cyberinsecurity with Andrew Odlyzko

13 November 2019

There is a rising tide of security breaches. There is an even faster rising tide of hysteria over the ostensible reason for these breaches, namely the deficient state of our information infrastructure. Yet the world is doing remarkably well overall, and has not suffered any of the oft-threatened giant digital catastrophes. ndrew Odlyzko joins Tom Ammon and I to talk about cyber insecurity.

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History of Networking: DUAL with JJ Garcia

12 November 2019

JJ Garcia is Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Jack Baskin Endowed Chair of Computer Engineering at USC Santa Cruz. He first became involved in packet networks in the 1980’s, eventually inventing the Diffusing Update Algorithm (DUAL), which later became the basis for the Enhanced Interior Gateway Protocol (EIGRP). You can find more information about Dr. Garcia at his personal page.

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Simpler is Better… Right?


Weekend Reads 110819


On the Web: RFC1925 Rule6


Worth Reading: How to balance technical debt

One of the recurring and common complaints about Agile and its associated methodologies is that it doesn’t make an explicit provision for balancing software maintenance with new features. I’ll make the case that those are both related, and explain a system that I’ve seen work in the past to balance both maintenance and quality with…

Worth Reading: Notes from OARC 31

DNS-OARC recently held its 31st meeting in Austin, Texas, on 31 October to 1 November. Here are some of my highlights from two full days of Domain Name System (DNS) presentations at this workshop. —Geoff Huston

Worth Reading: NISTS new framework

Concerned by an increasing rate of incidents that range from the 2017 Equifax hack to the scandalous Cambridge Analytica gaming of consumers’ social media data for political purposes, policymakers have begun to strike back on consumers’ behalf. —Anastasios Arampatzis


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