Controversial Reads 092521

Apple then made public what was private. The company, under CEO Tim Cook’s leadership, had actually been consulting the FBI on various methods for hacking the phone. In fact, the FBI had botched one of the suggested techniques after a mistake. The agency wasn’t willing to risk another gaffe.

Software locks, API restrictions, legal threats, forced downgrades and more – these are why Big Tech stays big.

Megan Borovicka joined Facebook in 2013 and then forgot she even had an account. But Facebook never forgot about her.

Weekend Reads 092421

Microsoft on Tuesday addressed a quartet of security flaws as part of its Patch Tuesday updates that could be abused by adversaries to target Azure cloud customers and elevate privileges as well as allow for remote takeover of vulnerable systems.

To meet current demands, as well as those of the next normal and an unpredictable future, retailers are now adopting software-driven strategies to deliver connected retail experiences and operations, ultimately resulting in the software-defined store.

Network measurement techniques have been mostly developed independently from protocols and, therefore, typically build upon externally visible semantics. One example of this is TCP sequence numbers and acknowledgements, which can be used to derive a flow’s round-trip time (RTT).

Hedge 101: In Situ OAM

Understanding the flow of a packet is difficult in modern networks, particularly data center fabrics with their wide fanout and high ECMP counts. At the same time, solving this problem is becoming increasingly important as quality of experience becomes the dominant measure of the network. A number of vendor-specific solutions are being developed to solve this problem. In this episode of the Hedge, Frank Brockners and Shwetha Bhandari join Alvaro Retana and Russ White to discuss the in-situ OAM work currently in progress in the IPPM Wg of the IETF.

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