Weekend Reads 051724

The FCC lawfully fined U.S. facilities-based wireless carriers nearly $200 million for selling highly intrusive location data about subscribers without their “opt-in” consent.

Geoff Huston explores the performance of the BBR and Cubic flow control algorithms on the Starlink network through comprehensive measurements.

An instruction set is a lingua franca between compilers and microarchitecture. As such, it has a lot in common with compiler intermediate languages, a subject on which Fred Chow has written an excellent overview

Hedge 226: Making Networking Cool Again

Alexis Bertholf joins Tom Ammon and Russ White to discuss how we can make network engineering cool again—and to talk about how we got into network engineering.

Rule 11 Academy is (Somewhat) Live

The Academy does not replace this blog, the Hedge, etc. Instead, it’s a place for me to recreate all the training materials I’ve taught in the past, put them in one place, and adding new training material besides. It’s light right now, but I plan to post about once or twice a week.

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DSC01592 SQ

Old Bridge (Louisville KY)

2010 forbidden city (19) SQ

Roof Dwellers (Beijing)

2018 southampton (5) SQ

Old Brick (Southampton)