Controversial Reads 111922

So in terms of the daily lived experience of most people reading this, truly autonomous vehicles just aren’t going to happen.

When the federal government gets together with social media giants to censor critics of the government, is that free speech or censorship?

If you own an advanced Android phone, you may find that Google Assistant will interrupt conversations to offer its own “insights”. Google is also pursuing “prebunking” of what it considers “misinformation” with preemptive propaganda campaigns.

Weekend Reads 111822

Internet users are being tricked into installing browser extensions that can hijack their web searches.

An offshore company that is trusted by the major web browsers and other tech companies to vouch for the legitimacy of websites has connections to contractors for U.S. intelligence agencies and law enforcement, according to security researchers, documents and interviews.

Silicon Valley startup Eliyan thinks its technology for enabling chiplet-based designs can best those from semiconductor giants Intel and TSMC by providing better performance, higher efficiency, fewer manufacturing issues, and more supply chain options.

The Hedge 155: DNS Deployment in Real Life with Andreas Taudte

Network engineers normally use and support DNS as a service, but don’t tend to deploy, manage, and interact with DNS servers at an application level. For this episode of the Hedge, Andreas Taudte joins Tom Ammon and Russ White to discuss the many lessons learned from planning and deploying DNS as a service.

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