Agglutinating Problems Considered Harmful (RFC2915, Rule 5)

In the networking world, many equate simplicity with the fewest number of moving parts. According to this line of thinking, if there are 100 routers, 10 firewalls, 3 control planes, and 4 management systems in a network, then reducing the number of routers to 95, the number of firewalls to 8, the number of control planes to 1, and the number of management systems to 3 would make the system “much simpler.” Disregarding the reduction in the number of management systems, scientifically proven to always increase in number, it does seem that reducing the number of physical devices, protocols in use, etc., would tend to decrease the complexity of the network.

Focus is a Virtue

The modern world craves our attention—but only in short bursts. To give your attention to any one thing for too long is failing, it seems, because you might miss out on something else of interest. We have entered the long tail of the attention economy, grounded in finding every smaller slices of time in which the user’s attention can be captured and used.

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Injection of counterfeit electronics into the market is only a subset of vulnerabilities that exist in the global IC supply chain. Other types of attacks include trojans built into the circuitry, piracy of intellectual property, and reverse engineering.

The ability to perform complex calculations on encrypted data promises a new level of privacy and data security for companies in the public and private sectors. So when can they get started?

2020 saw governments on three continents take action against the dominance of the biggest tech platforms, with a flurry of pro-competition rules, investigations and lawsuits. As exciting as this is, it’s just the beginning.


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