Weekend Reads 012222

When you’re out and about, and especially when you’re traveling, you might find yourself feeling quite a bit of anxiety when logging into public Wi-Fi.

There are a lot of resources out there on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube about this epic vulnerability. I wanted to create this post to summarize the main things I learned, ways to test it as pentester, and the mitigation controls that help prevent the exploitation of this vulnerability.

A Romanian vulnerability researcher has discovered more than 70 flaws in combinations of cloud applications and content delivery networks (CDNs) that could be used to poison the CDN caches and result in denial-of-service (DoS) attacks on the applications.

Hedge 115: Mat Duggan and DevOps

Devops is the new normal—but, far too often, operations folks (like network engineers) are expected to become full-on developers, and developers are expected to understand operations in ways they never had to before. Mat Duggan joins Tom Ammon and Russ White to discuss why operations is not development IT

Unintended Dystopia

I’ve recently finished my 16th book (according to Goodreads, at any rate). This one is a little different than my normal fare—it’s essentially an expanded and revised version of the dissertation. Rather than being about technology proper, this latest is an examination of the history and philosophy of the superset of social media, which I’ve dubbed neurodigital media.

Fair warning, some readers might find this book a little … controversial.

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Marley (Argentina)

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Colonnade (Warsaw)

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Boat (Molde)