Weekend Reads 082319

23 August 2019

Red Hat is unveiling its own service mesh for OpenShift version 4, its hybrid cloud enterprise Kubernetes platform. The commercial offering packages Istio, the emerging leader in the space, as well as the Jaeger project for tracing, and Kiali for monitoring and management of Istio. —Susan Hall

DNSSEC is increasingly adopted by organizations to protect DNS data and prevent DNS attacks like DNS spoofing and DNS cache poisoning. At the same time, more DNS deployments are using proprietary DNS features like geo-routing or load balancing, which require special configuration to support using DNSSEC. —Jan Včelák

Cybercrooks increasingly are anonymizing their malicious traffic by routing it through residential broadband and wireless data connections. Traditionally, those connections have been mainly hacked computers, mobile phones, or home routers. But this story is about so-called “bulletproof residential VPN services” that appear to be built by purchasing or otherwise acquiring discrete chunks of Internet addresses from some of the world’s largest ISPs and mobile data providers. —Krebs on Security

At first glance, the University of the South Pacific network is not your usual university network. Our network operates across 26 sites in 12 different Pacific economies and is spread over 33 million square kilometres of ocean — about three times the size of Europe. —Edwin Sandys

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21 August 2019

It’s still a little way out, but I’ll be speaking at NXTWORK 2019 in Las Vegas on November 11-13. I have one master class on data center design lined up, and may be speaking in another session. Otherwise, I’ll be hanging out at the Network Reliability Engineering (NRE) lounge taking questions on the white board and talking to folks.

Hope to see you there!

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History of YANG with Phil Shafer


Weekend Reads 081619


On the ‘net: Streaming with Matt Oswalt


Worth Reading: Inbound QoS

One of my recent blogs alluded to inbound QoS. This topic came up in a recent consulting engagement. After considerable thought and some research (sounds better than “I googled some things”, doesn’t it?), I’ve concluded the following … —Peter Welcher

Worth Reading: Data Center AI

An artificial intelligence (AI) strategy for data center management and operation requires more than just data and some very smart humans. Selecting specific use cases and understanding the types of data that influence AI outcomes — and then validating those outcomes — will be key if the needs of the business are to be met.…

Worth Reading: Enterprise Migration Gains Momentum

Over the last three years, large hyperscale and cloud computing deals have provided most of the headlines for public data center companies during earnings season. During the second quarter of 2019, enterprise adoption came to the fore. —Rich Miller