Hedge 172: Roundtable! SONiC, Open Source, and Complexity

It’s roundtable time at the Hedge! Eyvonne Sharp, Tom Ammon, and I start the conversation talking about the SONiC open source NOS, and then wander into using open source, build versus buy, and finally complexity in design and deployment.

Thanks for listening–if you have an idea for a Hedge episode, would like to be a guest, or know someone you think would be a good guest, let one us know!

Hedge 171: Paul Grubb on Zero Knowledge Middleboxes

Middleboxes are used in modern networking to sniff out attack traffic (IDS), block unwanted traffic (stateful packet filters), and share load among several different servers. Encryption, however, is making it hard for the middleboxes to do their job. Paul Grubb joins Tom Ammon and Russ White to discuss zero knowledge middle boxes, which allow operators to enforce arbitrary policies on the underlying traffic of an encrypted connection without decrypting it.

Weekend Reads 031723

Fujitsu’s Arm-based A64FX processor may have driven the most powerful supercomputer in the world, but it looks like its successor will be a more general-purpose chip that will focus on energy efficiency.

Hi everyone! In this article we’re going to take a look at the different rendering pattern options available nowadays for web applications.

Spurred by unprecedented unit pricing, the IPv4 market in North America experienced its second-best year ever in market history.

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