Weekend Reads 052722

Leading off this weekend, an article by Simon Sharwood on the impact of the centralization of the Internet. I wrote a somewhat longer article on the Public Discourse a while back on the same topic.

The internet has become smaller, the result of a rethinking of when and where to use the ‘net’s intended architecture. In the process it may also have further concentrated power in the hands of giant technology companies.

Is softwarization really going to change the way we build networks from the ground up? I suspect things will change, but they’ve always changed. I also suspect we’ll be hearing about how software is going to eat the world ten years from now, and IPv6 still won’t be fully deployed.

DOCSIS 4.0 is set to deliver faster speeds for cable network operators, but the next generation technology will also spur an operational sea change, telecom consultant Sean McDevitt told Fierce.

Hedge 131: Easier for the Computer or the Person?

One of the mainstays of scripting—and now network management—are increasingly focused on making things “easier” for the human operator. Does this focus on making things “easier” for the operator produce a better experience, though? Or does it create frustration as humans try to “outguess” the computer’s programming and process? Join Tom Ammon and Russ White as they discuss the problems with scripting, automation, and ease-of-use.

Weekend Reads 052022

The steepening trajectory towards event-driven and real-time API architecture is imminent.

The idea of this declaration has a lot to do with the “Past of the Internet.” When the Internet was developing in the 1980s and 1990s, it was seen primarily as a tool that would expand individual freedoms worldwide, strengthen democracy, and create prosperity through innovation and economic progress.

I’m not sure that most people understand the extent to which our online experience has moved to the cloud – and this movement to the cloud means we’re using a lot more bandwidth than in the recent past.

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