Weekend Reads 071224

The gang’s time from initial access to draining data out of a Veeam server is shockingly fast; after which the attackers went on to deploy actual ransomware in less than a day.

A critical security issue has been disclosed in the Exim mail transfer agent that could enable threat actors to deliver malicious attachments to target users’ inboxes.

The new fireball is the arrival of AI, its widespread acceptance and adoption, and the view that it is now a competitive imperative.

Hedge 234: We’re Looking in the Wrong Places to Solve the Cyber Workforce Shortage

We often hear about how there simply aren’t enough tech people out there–especially in cybersecurity. Rex Booth, CISO at Sailpoint, joins Tom and Russ to discuss the problem, and why we should be looking in unconventional places to find the right people.

Hedge 233: Making Heat Productive

Data centers turn large amounts of electricity into heat. Is it possible to recover even some part of this heat rather than throwing it off into the local environment? David Krebs of masterresource.org brings his vast experience with using heat from engines to bear on the problem to propose solutions.

2010 forbidden city (68) SQ

Stairs (Beijing)

2018 southampton (15) SQ

Board and Batten (Southampton)

DSC01620 SQ

Squid (Atlanta)