Weekend Reads 092923

Since its discovery in 2019, cyber espionage group RedHotel has successfully stolen secret information from at least 17 target nations worldwide.

The vast majority of Internet users won’t notice any difference, but the update will support enhanced security for several Verisign-operated TLDs and pave the way for broader adoption and the next era of Domain Name System (DNS) security measures.

New research has found that close to 12,000 internet-exposed Juniper firewall devices are vulnerable to a recently disclosed remote code execution flaw.

Hedge 196: What’s up with Ethernet? (with Peter Jones)

Ethernet is the technology used to move most of the world’s data at the physical layer. What has been going on for the last few years in Ethernet, and what is coming? Peter Jones joins Tom Ammon and Russ White to talk about current and future work in Ethernet, AI, and other odds and ends.

Hedge 195: DDoS Inflection with Barry Greene

DDoS attacks still play a major role in the global Internet, costing organizations tens (or hundreds) or millions of dollars each year. What are the current and future trends in DDoS attacks? Barry Greene, a global expert in DDoS mitigation, joins Russ White and Tom Ammon to discuss the future of DDoS.

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