The Senior Trap

How do you become a “senior engineer?” It’s a question I’m asked quite often, actually, and one that deserves a better answer than the one I usually give. Charity recently answered the question in a round-a-bout way in a post discussing the “trap of the premature senior.” She’s responding to an email from someone who is considering leaving a job where they have worked themselves into a senior role. Her advice?


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The Internet is the quintessential example of collaboration across stakeholders and geographic boundaries resulting in both economic gain and seismic innovations. Yet as the Internet evolves it is increasingly regulated by nation states as they claim sovereignty over one issue or another, and dominated by a few large players.

The pandemic ushered in a golden age of remote test proctoring – but students say the technology can be invasive and biased

For those that have been in the industry for more than a couple of years, you will remember when Microsoft retired the very powerful and well-documented security bulletins back in 2017. At the time, we felt that it was a severe reduction in the availability of information; Microsoft was suddenly communicating much less information.

The Hedge Podcast #60: Ben Andresen and Growing Teams

How can managers grow teams that add value to the company? Teams are made up of people, and people need to grow, so the key is in learning how to grow people. Join us at the Hedge as we discuss learning paths, doing what’s right for the company and the person, and growing teams by growing people.


Technologies that Didn’t: Asynchronous Transfer Mode


Casual Dress Considered Harmful?


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