Controversial Reads 052723

The net’s long decline into “five giant websites, each filled with screenshots of the other four” isn’t a mystery. Nor was it by any means a forgone conclusion. Instead, we got here through a series of conscious actions by big businesses and lawmakers that put antitrust law into a 40-year coma.

The federal government should not have warrantless, backdoor access to private communication systems like Twitter.

My experiences in the War on Terror provided me with a glimpse of the AI revolution that is now remaking America’s political system and culture in ways that have already proved incompatible with our system of democracy and self-government and may soon become irreversible.

Weekend Reads 052623

Communities installing WiFi that spans an entire property. From tennis courts to pools, from fields to lakes, Hotwire says the new hybrid work-from-home lifestyle means homeowners are working from everywhere within a community.

BGP is the Internet’s de facto routing protocol – but relatively few have a deep understanding of its vulnerabilities.

Since its invention by Bob Metcalf and David Boggs back in 1973, Ethernet has continuously been expanded and adapted to become the go-to Layer 2 protocol in computer networking across industries.

Hedge 180: Network Operations Survey with Josh S

What has been happening in the world of network automation—and more to the point, what is coming in the future? Josh Stephens from Backbox joins Tom Ammon, Eyvonne Sharp, and Russ White to discuss the current and future network operations and automation landscape.

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Prayer (Philedelphia)

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