Network Icons

I’ve developed this set of vendor neutral network icons for drawing diagrams in presentations, books, and the like. I’m placing them here in the public domain in four different formats:

  • An MS PowerPoint slide
  • A set of JPG files, one for each item
  • A pdf file, which you can copy out of in vector format, as well

Please feel free to use these in presentations, books, blog posts, etc., as you need. If you find you’d like to have another one drawn, and don’t think you can match the style, please contact me here and I’ll see if I can build it. If you do add new ones, please send me a copy so I can place them here, as well. All the formats above are in the single zip file, linked below.

Generic Icon Set

Thanks to Greg Ferro over at Packet Pushers, there is also a set of these for Omnigraffle! Thanks Greg!

last modified 24 January 2017