Worth Reading: EVPN and the future of data centers

15 May 2019

It is rare when the future of virtually anything is completely divorced from its present. But that is the case with enterprise data centers. —Mike Bushong

Worth Reading: When operations drive architecture

15 May 2019

Despite all of the recent talk of automation, it’s hard to argue that operations is little more than an afterthought for most enterprise networks. —Mike Bushong

Worth Reading: The value of measurements

14 May 2019

There is no shortage of network telemetry data that can be collected, recorded, graphed, and stored for cross reference and triage. —Nick Buraglio

Worth Reading: Threat intelligence

14 May 2019

The truth is that while threat intelligence is certainly not a silver bullet, organizations often make a mistake when they opt for a platform without considering several important factors that can help them evaluate the market better and deploy the practice more effectively. —Jonathan Zhang

Worth Reading: The edge is already happening

13 May 2019

I will argue the The Edge is here already today, but happening in an overlooked space – inside “traditional” data centers in secondary markets.

Worth Reading: Using games to train for incidents

13 May 2019

In the realm of information security, there is a series of exercises thinly disguised as games called Capture The Flag (CTF). —Jamie Gillespie

Worth Reading: Canary in the data center

9 May 2019

The market for servers used to be a lot more predictable in the past, with a portion of the tens millions of companies worldwide buying machinery in their own cycles that more or less coincided with the global gross domestic product. —Timothy Prickett Morgan

Worth Reading: Simplicity is the key

9 May 2019

Foresight is a wonderful thing when it comes to planning a network. While every effort is put into designing it with enough capacity and flexibility to grow, inevitably there will come a time when add-ons, patches and extensions start to impact on efficiency and, instead, a full redesign is required. —Kobayashi Masayuki

Worth Reading: BGP Zombies

8 May 2019

When withdrawing an IP prefix from the Internet, an origin network sends BGP withdraw messages, which are expected to propagate to all BGP routers that hold an entry for that IP prefix in their routing table. —Romain Fontugne

Worth Reading: FCC expands wireless attachment rights

7 May 2019

This docket would give the wireless carrier the right to claim access to the area that was occupied by the former receiver. It’s not hard to picture the numerous disagreements and fights this will result from this order. —Doug Dawson