Worth Reading: China launches new bid for internet dominance

27 July 2022

Beijing ramped up efforts to radically change global internet rules and standards last week by morphing the annual China-hosted World Internet Conference into a permanent organization dedicated to what Xi described as “global internet development and governance.”

Worth Reading: The emergence of multi-cloud networking software

26 July 2022

Multi-cloud networking software (MCNS), which is available from industry stalwarts like Cisco and VMware, as well as a slew of startups, is designed to address the challenge of how to safely and efficiently connect networks and applications across multiple public cloud environments.

Worth Reading: Buyers remorse afflicts IT departments, says Gartner

26 July 2022

IT departments are frequently feeling the sting of buyer’s remorse following big-ticket enterprise technology purchases.

Worth Reading: Where Did My Packet Go? Measuring the Impact of RPKI ROV

25 July 2022

Merely doing RPKI ROV does not provide any guarantees where your packet ends up.

Worth Reading: Network slicing nears its moment of truth after Telefónica and Ericsson test

25 July 2022

Slicing, for anyone who doesn’t know by now, sees one physical network partitioned into multiple virtual networks, the parameters of each capable of being tweaked to suit the varying requirements of different use cases.

Worth Reading: Largest submarine cable between Australia and the US launches

21 July 2022

While the distance covered is an impressive 15,840km, this is the third transpacific cable laid down by Southern Cross Cables (SX to its friends) which, as its name implies, specialises in this sort of thing.

Worth Reading: Dealing With Non-Compliant DNS Infringers

21 July 2022

I often read marketing material from Online Brand or Content Protection vendors, especially some of the newer ones, that make IP rights enforcement sound very straightforward.

Worth Reading: IT spending set to ride out wave of economic uncertainty

20 July 2022

With uncertainty hanging over the global economy, Gartner sees IT spending holding steady at 3 percent growth for 2022, with both winners and losers in different industry segments.

Worth Reading: QUIC and the shifting nexus of control

20 July 2022

QUIC is an attempt to refine the basic operation of IP’s Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), not by fundamentally changing the flow control procedures and stream management per se, but by changing where the transport function is implemented within the end host and, consequently, who has change control over this function.

Worth Reading: The Russian Internet Censorship Threat

19 July 2022

Since the start of Russia’s war on Ukraine in late February 2022, Russian internet users have experienced what has been dubbed the descent of a “digital iron curtain.”