Worth Reading: Privacy in DNS Queries

15 August 2019

Much has been said and written in recent times about the use of the DNS as a means of looking at the behaviour of end systems and inferring user behaviours. Almost every transaction starts with a DNS query, and if one were to assemble the complete set of DNS queries generated by an Internet user it would be possible to assemble a relatively complete picture of their online activity. —Geoff Huston, Joao Damas

Worth Reading: Security Concerns around Containers

14 August 2019

Containers are still made up of lines of code. They interact with other containers and backend infrastructure. They execute commands and access data. That means containers are an attractive target for attackers and need to be protected, but the dynamic nature and sheer volume of containers can also make container security challenging. —Asif Awan

Worth Reading: Who Owns Your Wireless Service?

14 August 2019

If you are somehow under the impression that you — the customer — are in control over the security, privacy and integrity of your mobile phone service, think again. And you’d be forgiven if you assumed the major wireless carriers or federal regulators had their hands firmly on the wheel. —Krebs on Security

Worth Reading: Everyone Doesn’t Prefer Open Source

13 August 2019

We talk so often with “glass half-full” evangelists, it is bracing to remember that enterprise IT is risk adverse and slow to change. According to one study, a plurality of IT executives say their companies prefer commercial software over open source. —Lawrence Hecht

Worth Reading: Some QoS Gotchas

13 August 2019

Recently, I’ve been consulting in some situations with subtle QoS / user experience issues. The following blog describes some things that you might be overlooking. —Peter Welcher

Worth Reading: Alien Wavelengths

12 August 2019

Alien wavelengths are commonplace today. Here a transponder pair from one optical system vendor connects to, and transmits over, the optical line system (OLS) – constituting fixed/reconfigurable multiplexer and amplification elements primarily – from another vendor. —Jonathan Homa

Worth Reading: A Primer to Intent Based Networking

12 August 2019

An Intent is a persistent object that represents the desired properties of the network. Desired properties are high-level descriptions of the end functionalities we want the network to offer. In other words, they describe the “goal of the configuration” of the network. —Bikash Koley

Worth Reading: Stop trying to be productive

8 August 2019

Technology has caused a radical change in the way we live our lives. Our eyes are opening to the damage apps like facebook and twitter do to us. We know that the infinite scroll was something we shouldn’t be engaging in. —Sam Harris

Worth Reading: Terahertz WiFi

8 August 2019

While labs across the world are busy figuring out how to implement the 5G standards there are scientists already working in the higher frequency spectrum looking to achieve even faster speeds. —Doug Dawson

Worth Reading: TCP MSS values — what’s changed?

7 August 2019

The MSS parameter is a part of the options filed in the TCP initial handshake that specifies the largest amount of data that a TCP speaker can receive in a single TCP segment. Each direction of TCP traffic uses its own MSS value, as this is a receiver-specified value. —Geoff Huston