Worth Reading: Fast Polymer Cables

3 June 2021

Scientists and engineers are always looking for ways to speed up and more efficiently configure computing devices to maximize the flow of data. There are a lot of applications today that require the exchange of huge volumes of data in real-time.

Worth Reading: Some Precise Data About Cloudy Infrastructure

2 June 2021

The things we like best about watching the high end of the IT sector are seeing new technologies come out that have the potential to change the IT landscape and then seeing some market data that proves a technology either did or did not foment the expected change.

Worth Reading: New DDoS classifiers for the DDoS Clearing House

2 June 2021

This post discusses new algorithms we at SIDN Labs, in collaboration with NBIP, have developed to classify the traffic associated with multi-vector Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Worth Reading: SpaceX Starlink vs. Telesat Lightspeed

1 June 2021

With 1,675 satellites launched and 500,000 requests for service in the United States alone, SpaceX Starlink clearly leads all would-be providers of low Earth orbit (LEO) internet service to consumers

Worth Reading: Satellite Broadband Heating Up

1 June 2021

There is a lot of news recently about low-orbit satellite broadband. There is recent news concerning the three primary companies that will be vying in the space.

Worth Reading: SCION – A Novel Internet Architecture

31 May 2021

“So, essentially SCION is an architecture to provide an alternative to BGP”, Adrian started his presentation.

Worth Reading: Lasers, Cable, PON Among Contenders for 100 Gbps Enterprise Networks

31 May 2021

Increasing local network speeds will ratchet up wide area network (WAN) speeds between buildings and within cities, with new solutions coming to support 5G deployments and the cable industry’s evolution to 10 Gbps delivery for residences and businesses.

Worth Reading: Starlink review

27 May 2021

In our imaginations, we might dream of a satellite internet system that delivers lightning-fast broadband speeds from space, freeing us from the dreary earthbound experience of cable monopolies and wireless data caps.

Worth Reading: NIST RPKI Deployment Monitor update

27 May 2021

The NIST RPKI Monitor is a test and measurement tool designed to monitor the dynamics of the global Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) and the impact of RPKI Route Origin Validation (ROV) on Internet routing.

Worth Reading: Vocus RPKI implementation

26 May 2021

Over the course of the year, we at Vocus were rolling out RPKI across our network. This involved testing several validators as well as ensuring we could implement this cleanly across our multi-vendor environment.