Worth Reading: Geopolitics deepens supply chain worries

15 March 2023

Although the data center sector was just one of many industries affected, the extensive variety of the often complex electrical and mechanical equipment involved exacerbated supply chain problems.

Worth Reading: The SSL certificate issuer field is a lie

15 March 2023

A surprisingly hard, and widely misunderstood, problem with SSL certificates is figuring out what organization (called a Certificate Authority, or CA) issued a certificate.

Worth Reading: State of the IPv4 Marketplace During 2022

14 March 2023

Here are a few observations on the state of the IPv4 marketplace during 2022. All the statistics here exclude transfers of IPv4 addresses involved in mergers and acquisitions.

Worth Reading: Economic Incentives to Centralize

14 March 2023

So, if centralized systems are supposed to have all these intrinsic problems when they attempt to grow to the size of the global Internet, why is the Internet completely dominated by a small collection of global behemoths?

Worth Reading: China is Miles Ahead in Telecoms Research

13 March 2023

As you can see from the image below, taken from an appendix of the report, China has such a lead in 5G and 6G “high-impact research outpu” that the ASPI reckons there’s a high possibility of it establishing a global monopoly in that area.

Worth Reading: Sizing router buffers — small is the new big…

13 March 2023

This article explores the history and evolution of packet buffering in high-end routers. Buffers are essential in routers and switches to prevent data loss during periods of network congestion.

Worth Reading: Conditions are ripe for cloud providers to drive faster network services

9 March 2023

One place to look for them is a trade show, because there are a lot of buyers and sellers collected in one place. The Mobile World Congress (MWC) that just ended is a good example, because it validated some little signals that networking might be facing a big challenge.

Worth Reading: Benefits of Peering

9 March 2023

Peering is the process of exchanging Internet traffic directly between networks instead of passing calls through the open Internet.

Worth Reading: LEO Satellites

8 March 2023

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites such as Starlink have been credited with helping Ukraine in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Their promise extends beyond military reconnaissance to everything from in-flight Internet access to disaster recovery, but challenges remain.

Worth Reading: Troubleshooting the other half

7 March 2023

You should know the operational state of your network because there really is no reason why you should not.