Worth Reading: The Complete OpenAI Story

29 November 2023

By yesterday, at least 700 of 770 OpenAI employees vowed to leave the company following the board’s incomprehensible decision to fire CEO Sam Altman, thus marking one of the great disasters in corporate governance history.

Worth Reading: Call the routing police

29 November 2023

There was a somewhat unfortunate outage for a major communications service provider in Australia, Optus, in mid-November.

Worth Reading: JA4+ network fingerprinting

28 November 2023

JA4+ provides a suite of modular network fingerprints that are easy to use and easy to share, replacing the JA3 TLS fingerprinting standard from 2017.

Worth Reading: Canada Unbundles Fiber Networks

28 November 2023

In an interesting move, the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) is forcing large telephone company fiber networks to open their fiber networks to competition.

Worth Reading: Security control changes due to TLS Encrypted Client Hello

27 November 2023

How we defend our systems is about to shift in the coming weeks with a major change to the Transport Layer Protocol (TLS) taking place between the browser and a new device called the client-facing server, which is mostly positioned at content delivery networks (CDNs).

Worth Reading: BGPlay data misinterpretation led to a BGP false alarm call

27 November 2023

BGPlay is a tool that allows network operators to view the routing tables of other networks.

Worth Reading: Measuring DNSSEC Deployment

24 November 2023

At APNIC Labs we publish a number of measurements of the deployment of various technologies that are being adopted on the Internet. Here we will look at how we measure the adoption of DNSSEC validation.

Worth Reading: DNS over IPv6

22 November 2023

This recommendation obviously plays well to the set of highly vocal IPv6 zealots out there, but aside from such unthinking zealotry and unfounded opining, there is some room for doubt here.

Worth Reading: The game of Dominoes and TCP/IP

22 November 2023

But how is the game of Dominoes similar to the TCP/IP protocol? Some of you must probably be thinking ‘Alejandro has gone crazy’.

Worth Reading: Don’t Expect AI to Revolutionize Science

21 November 2023

This is one of these points that irks me to no end because it’s an example of replacing fundamental thinking with downstream engineering processes which already presume the scientific knowledge and then go about looking for variations and new configurations of this knowledge.