Worth Reading: Fortinet’s new ASIC puts 2.5G of SSL inspection at the edge

13 February 2023

Fortinet this week unveiled a custom ASIC it says will power its next-generation of firewalls debuting later this year.

Worth Reading: Security by diversity

9 February 2023

With information security such a complex and fast-moving field, how can companies gather enough information to make informed decisions about what is right for their networks?

Worth Reading: Interesting IPv6/NDP observation

9 February 2023

There are several RFCs that discuss NDP, but for the purpose of this article, we will refer to RFC 4861 and, in particular, to sections 4.3 and 4.4, which discuss the format used for Neighbor Solicitation (NS) and Neighbor Advertisement (NA).

Worth Reading: Australian Internet and astronomy

8 February 2023

Over 20 years in the planning, the SKA is a worldwide collaborative science project, with investments in South Africa as well as Australia, to make a giant radio telescope (there’s a cute trick in astronomy where two simultaneous observations widely separated on earth is like having one telescope with the ‘size’ of the distance between them).

Worth Reading: Microsoft blames router IP address change for global outage

8 February 2023

The global outage of Microsoft 365 services that last week prevented some users from accessing resources for more than half a working day was down to a packet bottleneck caused by a router IP address change.

Worth Reading: Packet Loss and Broadband Performance

7 February 2023

But just measuring packet loss is not enough to describe the difference in the performance of the various broadband connections.

Worth Reading: A reflection on the organic growth of the Internet Protocol stack

7 February 2023

In the last 15 years, the Internet’s architecture has continued to evolve organically. Despite this evolution, the classic TCP/IP stack is still used to describe and discuss Internet architecture.

Worth Reading: When clouds become reflectors

6 February 2023

Findings in recent research literature on source address validation motivated us to study whether the list of reflectors could be extended with closed DNS resolvers.

Worth Reading: How layoffs at Google could affect enterprise cloud services

6 February 2023

“Further layoffs at Google could impact quality of Google Cloud services,” said Hyoun Park, principal analyst at Amalgam Insights. “They have already laid off technical staff from the cloud computing division as well, mostly in India, despite it being a growing business for the company.”

Worth Reading: 40 years ago, the original Macintosh started a revolution

2 February 2023

Nearly 40 years ago, the Apple Macintosh computer came out — a revolutionary machine that changed computing forever. Now’s as good a time as any to look back at what made the Macintosh 128K unique.