The Hedge Episode 36: Rich Alderson and the Living Computer History Museum

The Living Computers History Museum and Labs was founding by Paul Allen to collect early computer systems and keep the constrained resource coding practices used on these systems alive. Over time it has developed into a living museum and lab, with hands-on access to some of the earliest examples of computing history. Rich Alderson joins us for this episode of the Hedge to describe the museum and its exhibits.

The Hedge Episode 35: Peter Jones and Single Pair Ethernet

When you think of new Ethernet standards, you probably think about faster and optical. There is, however, an entire world of buildings out there with older copper cabling, particularly in the industrial realm, that could see dramatic improvements in productivity if their control and monitoring systems could be moved to IP. In these cases, what is needed is an Ethernet standard that runs over a single copper pair, and yet offers enough speed to support industrial use cases. Peter Jones joins Jeremy Filliben and Russ White to discuss single pair Ethernet.

The Hedge Podcast Episode 33: Balazs Varga and DETNET

Balazs Varge joins Alvaro Retana and Russ White on this episode of the Hedge to discuss the working going on in the IETF around deterministic networking. This work is important for applications requiring networks providing low latency and loss.

The Hedge Podcast Episode 32: Overcommunication

Michael Natkin, over at Glowforge, writes: “That’s a funny thing about our minds. In the absence of information, they fill in the gaps and make up all sorts of plausible things, without the owners of said minds even realizing it is happening.” The answer, he says, is to overcommunicate. Michael joins Eyvonne Sharpe, Tom Ammon, and Russ White on this episode of the Hedge to discuss what it means to overcommunicate.

The Hedge Podcast Episode 31: Network Operator Groups

Many engineers have heard about the wide variety of Network Operator Group (NOG) meetings, from smaller regional organizations through larger multinational ones. What is the value of attending a NOG? How can you convince your business leadership of this value? In this episode of the Hedge Vincent Celindro and Edward McNair join Russ White to consider these questions.

The Hedge Podcast 30: Ethan Banks and Network Fundamentals

In this episode of the Hedge, Ethan Banks, Ethan’s old-timey routers, Tom Ammon, Tom’s printer, Eyvonne Sharp, and Russ White sit around the virtual hedge to talk about networking fundamentals. What are they, why are they important, how you learn them, and how to be intentional about your career.

The Hedge Podcast Episode 29: Remote Work and Security

The massive numbers of people staying home to work because of the ongoing pandemic are placing a lot of strain on network infrastructure. One area many operators are not considering, however, is security—how does having a lot of remote workers impact DDoS? Is split tunneling really the right way to manage remote connectivity? Roland Dobbins joins Eyvonne Sharp and Russ White to discuss security in times of mass remote work on this episode of the Hedge.

The Hedge Podcast Episode 28: Intent Based Networking in the IRTF

Intent based networking is on the upslope of the hype cycle right now. In this episode of the Hedge, Alex Clemm and Jeff Tantsura join Alvaro Retana and Russ White for a discussion of Intent-Based Networking – Concepts and Definitions, a draft working its way through the Internet Research Task Force.

The Hedge Podcast Episode 27: New directions in network and computing systems

On this episode of the Hedge, Micah Beck joins us to discuss a paper he wrote recently considering a new model of compute, storage, and networking. Micah Beck is Associate Professor in computer science at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where he researches and publishes in the area of networking technologies, including the hourglass model and the end-to-end principle.

Hedge Podcast Episode 26: Jason Gooley and CHINOG

CHINOG is a regional network operators group that meets in Chicago once a year. For this episode of the Hedge, Jason Gooley joins us to talk about the origins of CHINOG, the challenges involved in running a small conference, some tips for those who would like to start a conference of this kind, and thoughts on the importance of community in the network engineering world.