The Hedge Podcast #61: Pascal Thubert and the RAW Working Group

RAW is a new working group recently chartered by the IETF to work on “high reliability and availability for IP connectivity over a wireless medium. RAW extends the DetNet Working Group concepts to provide for high reliability and availability for an IP network utilizing scheduled wireless segments and other media…”

The Hedge Podcast #60: Ben Andresen and Growing Teams

How can managers grow teams that add value to the company? Teams are made up of people, and people need to grow, so the key is in learning how to grow people. Join us at the Hedge as we discuss learning paths, doing what’s right for the company and the person, and growing teams by growing people.

The Hedge #59: Dan Blum and Rational Cybersecurity

Security has taken on an aura of mystery to many network engineers—why can’t we approach security in the way we do many other topics, rationally? It turns out we can. Dan Blum joins Tom Ammon and Russ White to discuss the concepts and techniques behind rational cybersecurity.

The Hedge Podcast #58: Michael Kehoe and eBPF

Most packet processing in Linux “wants” to be in the kernel. The problem is that adding code to the kernel is a painstaking process because a single line of bad code can cause havoc for millions of Linux hosts. How, then, can new functionality be pushed into the kernel, particularly for packet processing, with reduced risk? Enter eBPF, which allows functions to be inserted into the kernel through a sort of “lightweight container.”

The Hedge Podcast #57: Brian Trammell and PANRG

Brian Trammell joins Alvaro Retana and Russ White to discuss the Path Aware Research Group in the IRTF. According to the charter page, PANRG “aims to support research in bringing path awareness to transport and application layer protocols, and to bring research in this space to the attention of the Internet engineering and protocol design community.”

Hedge Podcast #56: Lysa Myers on Burnout and Good People

PTSD is a real thing in the information technology world; it impacts the ability to keep and manage good people. In this episode of the Hedge, Lya Myers joins Eyvonne Sharp, Tom Ammon, and Russ White to discuss PTSD, burnout, and strategies for dealing with them.

The Hedge Podcast 54: Bob Friday and AI in Networks

AI in networks is a hotly contested subject—so we asked Bob Friday, CTO of Mist Systems, to explain the value and future of AI in networks. Bob joins Tom Ammon and Russ White for this episode.

The Hedge Podcast #53: Deprecating Interdomain ASM

Interdomain Any-source Multicast has proven to be an unscalable solution, and is actually blocking the deployment of other solutions. To move interdomain multicast forward, Lenny Giuliano, Tim Chown, and Toerless Eckhert wrote RFC 8815, BCP 229, recommending providers “deprecate the use of Any-Source Multicast (ASM) for interdomain multicast, leaving Source-Specific Multicast (SSM) as the recommended interdomain mode of multicast.”

The Hedge Podcast 51: Tim Fiola and pyNTM

Have you ever looked at your wide area network and wondered … what would the traffic flows look like if this link or that router failed? Traffic modeling of this kind is widely available in commercial tools, which means it’s been hard to play with these kinds of tools, learn how they work, and understand how they can be effective. There is, however, an open source alternative—pyNTM. While this tool won’t replace a commercial tool, it can give you “enough to go on” for many network operators, and give you the experience and understanding needed to justify springing for a commercial product.