Worth Reading: Where are the Small Cell Sites?

7 March 2023

Five years ago, one of the most talked about trends in the broadband industry was the upcoming explosion in the deployment of small cellular cell sites.

Worth Reading: When Low-Tech Hacks Cause High-Impact Breaches

6 March 2023

Web hosting giant GoDaddy made headlines this month when it disclosed that a multi-year breach allowed intruders to steal company source code, siphon customer and employee login credentials, and foist malware on customer websites

Worth Reading: Digital Twins

6 March 2023

Whilst these predictive technologies have their merits and have proven useful in helping guide important decisions with a certain level of insight, they should now be seen as parts of a much greater and more in-depth approach to decision-making courtesy of simulation and modelling.

Worth Reading: What Ever Happened to Peer-to-Peer Systems?

2 March 2023

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems became famous at the turn of the millennium, mostly due to their support for direct file sharing among users

Worth Reading: Detecting Waves with ShakeAlert

2 March 2023

When operating large, globally distributed networks, hardware failures, provider outages, and other changes in behaviour are regular occurrences. Therefore, systems that can raise alarms at the first signs of trouble can alert human operators or automated systems and enable faster corrective action.

Worth Reading: Fixed Wireless in Cities

1 March 2023

There are several limitations of fixed wireless technology in an urban that must be considered. The first is the spectrum to be used.

Worth Reading: Is Fiber Growth Slowing?

1 March 2023

In a recent article in LightReading, Mike Dano cites data from industry analyst Cowan that shows that some of the largest fiber builders in the country have already trimmed back their construction plans for 2023.

Worth Reading: Understanding DPUs For Network Engineers

28 February 2023

This video looks at the fundamentals of Data Processing Units (DPUs) and what they can do with an eye toward helping network engineers and infrastructure professionals.

Worth Reading: Inflation Up, Economy Jittery, And IT Spending Consequentially Slows

28 February 2023

The increasing cost of goods and services is making everyone a little crazy, and corporate IT departments are not immune from the effects of the dual concerns of rising inflation and the desire by central banks to use interest rates to curb our economic enthusiasm and slow that inflation to a much more sane level.

Worth Reading: It’s a Chatbot

27 February 2023

Since the beta release of Microsoft’s new search tool, the social internet has been saturated with screenshots of alleged conversations between random, largely anonymous users and “Sydney,” which many claim the AI named itself.