Worth Reading: What stops a nation-state BGP hijack?

7 August 2019

Yes, a Nation-State BGP Hijack is a threat on the Internet. Nation-States can orchestrate the manipulation of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) via “hacked routers all over the world. —Barry Greene

Worth Reading: Demystifying the new FIDO standards

6 August 2019

In response to the undeniable password problem, the nonprofit standards body FIDO Alliance is addressing traditional authentication issues and providing organizations with a framework that protects them from chronic risks, such as credential stuffing, password reuse, and phishing attacks. —Bojan Simic

Worth Reading: Will 5G be the fork in the road for transport?

6 August 2019

The commoditization of the telecoms market meant that the launch of 5G was pretty much a given. Once the wheels were put in motion, even the most skeptical of carriers have, or rather, had no choice. As with previous generations, once the path was set, it became a race to ‘be first’ regardless of the…

Worth Reading: Are you ready for 10Gbps?

5 August 2019

In the US there are a handful of ISPs offering a 10 Gbps product, mostly for the publicity — but they stand ready to install the faster product. Notable is Fibrant in Salisbury, NC and EPB in Chattanooga. EPB which was also among the first to offer a 1 Gbps residential product a few years…

5 August 2019

The same team of cybersecurity researchers who discovered several severe vulnerabilities, collectively dubbed as Dragonblood, in the newly launched WPA3 WiFi security standard few months ago has now uncovered two more flaws that could allow attackers to hack WiFi passwords. —Swati Khandelwal

Worth Reading: Which Layer to Use?

1 August 2019

The choice of where to place flexibility in a network has many dimensions. Physically – should it be distributed or centralised? —Antony Thorley

Worth Reading: The End of the Central Office

1 August 2019

One of the traditional costs for bringing fiber to a new market has always included the creation of some kind of central office space. —Doug Dawson

Worth Reading: Why is IPv6 Faster?

31 July 2019

The graph below is developed from APNIC data, using the ten largest mobile carriers in the world, where I know what transition mechanism they’re using. —Lee Howard

Worth Reading: Millimeter Wave

31 July 2019

For this technology to be compelling the savings for the last hundred feed has to be significant. Do the radio electronics really cost less for wireless compared to the cost of fiber drops and fiber electronics? —Doug Dawson

Worth Reading: Enterprise IT and the Cloud

30 July 2019

The popular view is that enterprise IT is steadily migrating to the public cloud, with the infrastructure layers being outsourced to cheaper, more reliable, more flexible, pay-as-you-go cloud services. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google are the biggest beneficiaries of this shift. —Andy Lawrence