29 April 2024

Worth Reading: Enterprises struggle with network reliability, security
Wired network connectivity isn’t as reliable as U.S. businesses need, according to a recent survey, which shows that nearly 90% of respondents experienced between one to four hours of connectivity downtime per week due to network failure.

Worth Reading: Cloud vendor lock-in is shocking

25 April 2024

Vendor lock-in isn’t a binary, it’s more of a sliding scale, from complete freedom to do what you like to complete dependence on a single supplier. The more widely you use a supplier, the harder it is to move away.

Worth Reading: [Podcast] Digital sovereignty and standards

25 April 2024

In this episode of PING, APNIC’s Chief Scientist Geoff Huston discusses the European Union’s (EU) consideration of taking a direct role within the IETF. Network engineers, policymakers, and scientists from all around the world actively contribute to the IETF but the EU’s potential direct participation signifies a notable first in standards development.

Worth Reading: Network automation challenges are dampening success rates

24 April 2024

When the network is not standardized and the data is not standardized and you don’t have a standard way of generating inventories and a source of truth, it’s a big problem. You can’t automate at scale because you’re forced to automate one device at a time without standardization.

Worth Reading: GoFetch

24 April 2024

GoFetch is a microarchitectural side-channel attack that can extract secret keys from constant-time cryptographic implementations via data memory-dependent prefetchers (DMPs).

Worth Reading: The Future of the Last Mile

23 April 2024

The next PON technology, introduced widely around 2010, was GPON. This technology uses faster lasers that deliver 2.4 gigabits of speed to share in a cluster of 32 homes.

Worth Reading: The Future of Middle-Mile Fiber

23 April 2024

Recently, middle-mile fiber construction and upgrades are using 400 Gbps lasers. Vendors have already developed and field-tested terabit lasers with a speed of 1,000 Gbps.

Worth Reading: Seeking Meaning From Work

22 April 2024

This week I heard the quote, “I made the mistake of trying to derive meaning FROM my work instead of bringing meaning TO my work. I thought that if I would just get the right job, somehow it would fulfill me. Instead, I have learned that God uses our work to do his work in us. My work has been the crucible for the formation of my soul.”

Worth Reading: Do not underestimate the installed base

22 April 2024

For this write-up, I wanted to reflect on the stubborn persistence of technologies such as ISATAP, which is an early IPv6 transition mechanism and DVMRP AskNeighbors2, which is an experimental IP multicast debugging protocol.

Worth Reading: The World’s First Treaty on AI

11 April 2024

This month, the Council of Europeメs Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAI) wrapped up negotiations on a groundbreaking draft Framework Convention on Artificial Intelligence, human rights, democracy and the rule of law.