Worth Reading: Contributing to open source benefits developers and the world

9 November 2022

In the early years of OSS, the concept was not trusted by many, especially by big companies that considered open source code to be insecure and unreliable, in comparison to proprietary code. But that has changed.

Worth Reading: Reducing the control loop in congestion control

8 November 2022

Congestion control is important for adapting the sending rate when network conditions fluctuate — a common problem among wireless technologies like Wi-Fi 6 and 5G.

Worth Reading: The Evolution and Disruption of Cybercriminal Gangs

8 November 2022

Cybercrime costs $600 billion – or close to 1.0% of global GDP- and that number is only expected to increase. Acknowledgement of appropriate norms of behavior among nation states have not evolved beyond Cold War era treaties, nor have our regulations kept up with the evolution of technology and online business models.

Worth Reading: The EU’s Temtpation to Break End-to-end Encryption

7 November 2022

Last May, the European Commission presented a proposal to fight Child Sexual Abuse Materials. The proposed legislation has spurred controversy as it touches upon the delicate issue of private interpersonal communications and might affect end-to-end encryption.

Worth Reading: IPv6 On by Default

3 November 2022

And yet – after such an energetic and enthusiastic start – many of us who work to champion IPv6 often find ourselves asking how it is that, ten years on, global IPv6 adoption is sitting somewhere close to the 40% mark.

Worth Reading: Management interfaces — attack surface hidden in plain sight

3 November 2022

A management interface exposed to the whole Internet represents an attack surface that often is a softer target than the user-facing part of a given application or solution.

Worth Reading: A Brief History of Network Time

2 November 2022

Instead of taking the earth’s rotation as a reference, the CGPM resolved a second should be defined using an extremely stable property of the caesium-133 atom where one of its resonance frequencies is precisely 9,192,631,770 times per second. Atomic clocks were developed that used this property to measure time to an unprecedented level of accuracy [see note below].

Worth Reading: ACC-Turbo mitigates pulse-wave DDoS attacks using programmable switches

2 November 2022

Pulse-wave Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks have recently managed to take down critical network infrastructure causing enormous financial and reputational damage.

Worth Reading: Orange Switches to Disaggregated Switches

1 November 2022

The announcement was made at the Fyuz event, run by the Telecom Infra Project, at which fellow European operator group Vodafone made a bunch of Open RAN announcements yesterday. This one concerns the switches involved in access points of presence for enterprise customers. Orange is using its own network operating system based on SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) open source code, running on Edgecore hardware.

Worth Reading: Broadcom CEO outlines what combined Broadcom and VMware might look like

1 November 2022

There has been much teeth-gnashing, mixed with a little obfuscation and concern, about what the merged VMware and Broadcom might look like and what it will mean to customers.