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But amid all this disruption, we have also experienced an incredible digital transformation. In just a few months, we have jumped forward years in our use of advanced digital tools for interacting with one another, running our businesses, sending our kids to school and understanding what is going on in the world.

In 2015, the Internet Society Kolkata Chapter decided to create an Internet Exchange Point (IXP). It had just completed the installation of L-Root Instance, a critical Internet infrastructure to improve security and resiliency of the Web.

We can move towards a future of online education which replicates the artificial scarcity of traditional publishing, or take a path which fosters an abundance of free materials by embracing the principles of open access and open education.

While pop culture and Hollywood productions depict hackers working tirelessly to compromise security systems and break down firewalls, only a handful of attacks require this level of intense work. In reality, the hackers’ work is much simpler.

The cloud is a computer, no different in theory than the device you’re reading this article on, but very different in construction. For instance, you don’t own the cloud.

The long-held skepticism around wafer-scale architectures is deep and goes back decades. Few have tried and all have failed, either for business or technology reasons, including the venerable Gene Amdahl. But perhaps what was missing was the right timing in equal addition to a suitably established semiconductor technology base.

We used to worry about there only being ten vendors who supply servers, with most of the revenue being generated by two, maybe three, of them, and none of them making any money at all. Now we worry about there being only eight buyers of servers worldwide with the rise of the hyperscalers and cloud builders, and not even the chip suppliers will be able to make any money.

When a service is constructed using diverse components, then the way in which service revenues are distributed to the various suppliers of the components of the service can follow a number of quite distinct models.

In this article, we investigate the effect of the lockdown on various characteristics of Internet traffic across different vantage points.

This is a compiled list of falsehoods programmers tend to believe about working with time.

One of the greatest threats to U.S. National Security Systems (NSS), the U.S. Defense Industrial Base (DIB), and
Department of Defense (DoD) information networks is Chinese state-sponsored malicious cyber activity.

Anyone who has seen a spy movie or two will recognize the premise behind sweeping for bugs. In the old days, these bugs were listening devices in a room or attached to a telephone handset. They then evolved to hidden cameras.

We’ve said that open organizations are places where the best ideas win. But what are “the best” ideas, and where do they actually come from? And how do our answers to these questions shape how we reward contribution in an open organization?

Working from home has many challenges, but there’s one that people everywhere, regardless of their setup, keep facing over and over again: slow, spotty Wi-Fi. If sprucing up your home network has not stopped your connection from snailing, or solved the dead zones plaguing your workday, it’s time to break out the big guns.