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A recent phishing campaign targeting Coinbase users shows thieves are getting smarter about phishing one-time passwords (OTPs) needed to complete the login process.

What does it mean to cloud-connect the network? Simply put, it means connecting network equipment to the cloud and collecting telemetry, but this simple idea has far-reaching benefits that can up level the support experience for customers and vendors.

This post will focus on a key part of DNSSEC infrastructure — Root KSK ceremonies. These ceremonies exist to provide transparency to the Internet community around the creation, use, and storage of the Root KSK.

Despite 60% surge in dangerous third-party domain registrations, domain security is an underutilized security component to curb phishing and related ransomware attacks.

The term “code debt” in computer programming refers to the idea that certain decisions in writing computer code will lead to future consequences which have to be dealt with.

Before you give in to your impulses and wipe your screen with whatever you have at hand, let us stop you right there. Your display is way more delicate than you think, and if you want it to last you a long time in optimal conditions, you’ll need to treat it with proper love and care.

The nifty app CamFind has come a long way with its artificial intelligence. It uses image recognition to identify an object when you point your smartphone camera at it.

For starters, Windows 11 has allowed Microsoft to cut the cord on the 32-bit platform. Windows 11 will be first Windows OS that is 64-bit only.

Earlier in 2021, ASHRAE’s Technical Committee 9.9 published an update — the fifth edition — of its Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments.

The DNSSEC specification does not define in advance which algorithm you should use to generate the digital signature records for a DNSSEC-signed zone. And that’s a very good thing.

While HTTPS is becoming the default online protocol for providing a fast and secure connection for websites and applications, there is still room for improvement. The HTTPA protocol is intended to enhance online security by running code in trusted execution environments (TEEs).

Will we be pushing our organizations and end-users to MFA only to repeat many of the same mistakes? The US government is worried about it. You should be worried as well.

A group of fraudsters made off with $35 million after using forged email messages and deepfake audio to convince an employee of a United Arab Emirates company that a director requested the money as part of an acquisition of another organization, according to a US federal court request filed last week.

While the ransomware spikes of 2021 appear to have temporarily subsided, the issue remains a pressing concern among the US cybersecurity community. On Sept. 21, the US Department of the Treasury announced a set of proposed sanctions and regulatory tools focused on disrupting the ransomware model by increasing ransom payment reporting to government agencies,

Many organizations rely on penetration testing to find security gaps in their systems, but the process has historically looked different.