Weekend Reads 092322

Arm says Nvidia’s Grace processor will be among the first chips to use its upcoming Neoverse V2 CPU cores.

The early deceased Heinz Rutishauser (1918–1970) of ETH Zurich is considered the most important Swiss pioneer from the early era of computer science.

According to Dell’Oro, datacenter switching set a new record for revenues for any second quarter in history and also for any first six months of any year since it has been keeping records.

A key requirement for a bad actor wanting to launch a brand attack is the registration of a carefully chosen domain name.

Here, we introduce the concept of the data bill of materials or personal data bill of materials, a comprehensive inventory of personal data used in software systems.

VirusTotal recently identified 7-Zip, TeamViewer, CCleaner, Microsoft Edge, Steam, Zoom, and WhatsApp as the most-mimicked software brands in malware attacks.

No business can own the generic word for the product it sells. We would find it preposterous if a single airline claimed exclusive use of the word “air,” or a broadband service tried to stop its rivals from using the word “broadband.”

Cisco has revealed new hardware it is willing to sell to small businesses outright – no subscription, but still with support and warranty! Such innovation!

Uber, in an update, said there is “no evidence” that users’ private information was compromised in a breach of its internal computer systems that was discovered late Thursday.

Password management solution LastPass shared more details pertaining to the security incident last month, disclosing that the threat actor had access to its systems for a four-day period in August 2022.

Add it all up and LinkedIn clearly has a supply-demand mismatch: a large and valuable user base (demand) combined with a lack of non-cringe content (supply).

Contrary to the way some early pundits have painted the post-quantum computing landscape, the truth is that there will be no quantum cliff in which today’s encryption mechanisms will suddenly become obsolete.

We’re nearly 10 years since the release of Docker, eight years since the release of Kubernetes, and there are enough cloud-native graduated and incubating projects to make your head spin.

Instances of attackers using IP fragmentation to poison the cache of the Domain Name System (DNS) have been known for almost a decade.

Lynk says it’s the world’s first commercial license granted for a satellite-direct-to-phone service, and it will begin commercial services later this year. Lynk’s proposition removes the need for a relay between the satellite, base station and device and provides connectivity directly from the satellite to handsets.