Weekend Reads 040124

Exclusive Dell’s “return to office” mandate has left employees confused about which offices they can use and the future of their jobs – and concerned the initiative is a stealth layoff program that will disproportionately harm women at the IT giant.

FDC Pat Gelsinger wants to make Intel the world’s second largest chip manufacturer by 2030, and that means serving businesses the x86 giant has traditionally seen as competitors.

Intel revealed a new road map at its Intel Foundry Services (IFS) Direct event that will take the company into 2027. Itメs an extension of the road map Intel laid out nearly three years ago, shortly after Intelメs CEO Pat Gelsinger took the reins of the company.

It is not known who pilfered the information nor their motives, but this leak provides a first-of-its-kind look at the internal operations of a state-affiliated hacking contractor.

Apple has announced a new post-quantum cryptographic protocol called PQ3 that it said will be integrated into iMessage to secure the messaging platform against future attacks arising from the threat of a practical quantum computer.

Juniper Networks, currently in the process of being acquired by HPE, has been accused of violating US securities laws in a shareholder lawsuit.

In the labyrinth of IT systems, logging is a fundamental beacon guiding operational stability, troubleshooting, and security. In this quest, however, organizations often find themselves inundated with a deluge of logs.

You’d think that few types of software are as trustworthy as some of the best antivirus programs, but it turns out that perceptions can be deceiving. Avast, one of the most recognizable antivirus solutions for PCs, was found to be secretly collecting and selling user data to third-party corporations for a period of six years.

Just what “mal-information” means, apart from the other two concepts, remains unclear. Differences between the three terms seem to hinge on the presumed motives of (usually) unknown persons, so clear distinctions between them may not be conceptually useful. We could just as well call it all wrongthink.

This post will list some of the major decisions made and if I endorse them for your startup, or if I regret them and advise you to pick something else.

Databases play a strange role in software development. The vast majority of complex applications use one, but many developers don’t pay a lot of attention to it in their daily work.

DNS abuse is defined as being composed of five broad categories of harmful activity insofar as they intersect with the DNS — malware, botnets, phishing, pharming, and spam (when it serves as a delivery mechanism for the other forms of DNS abuse).