Weekend Reads 033123

Late posting due to a conference this weekend …

The rapid rise in IT power density, however, now means that plausible design assumptions regarding future power density and environmental conditions are starting to depart from these standard, narrow ranges.

Globalization is over, at least for the chip industry, and this will mean higher chip prices, according to semiconductor contract manufacturer giant TSMC.

Are your online customers being lured away? Learn why retailers must prevent audience hijacking tactics to keep shoppers focused and not distracted by unwanted or malicious in-browser interruptions.

I surveyed the status of RPKI ROA registration for IXPs operating in the Asia Pacific region and several IXPs in the European region on 17 February 2023. My first impression is that both regions lack a sense of unity, with RPKI ROA registration being inconsistent.

Active DNS measurement is fundamental to understanding and improving the DNS ecosystem. However, the absence of an extensible, high-performance and easy-to-use DNS toolkit has limited both the reproducibility and coverage of DNS research.

A group monitored as REF2924 by Elastic Security Labs is wielding novel data-stealing malware — an HTTP listener written in C# dubbed Naplistener by the researchers — in attacks against victims operating in southern and southeast Asia.

The number of victims affected by a mass-ransomware attack, caused by a bug in a popular data transfer tool used by businesses around the world, continues to grow as another organization tells TechCrunch that it was also hacked.

Last week I shared how IPng Networks deployed a loadbalanced frontend cluster of NGINX webservers that have public IPv4 / IPv6 addresses, but talk to a bunch of internal webservers that are in a private network which isn’t directly connected to the internet, so called IPng Site Local [ref] with addresses and 2001:678:d78:500::/56.

The prized retro audio components are mostly manufactured in Russia and China. Now, a small Georgia company is rebooting US production.

Researchers recently spotted phishing attacks using supposed ChatGPT sites to phish for personally identifiable information (PII), specifically credit card data.

Since cellular communications’ inception, SIMs have been required so that remote devices can achieve authentication when connecting to a network. Protecting the security credentials stored has been fundamental, yet these must be easily issued to subscribers for placing into their devices.

The most common transport encryption protocols are Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and its successor, Transport Layer Security (TLS).

In our latest report our head security engineer, Thomas Perkins, has revealed the excessive data collection of TikTok and that the app connects to mainland China based infrastructure.

The risk score for the average company worsened in the past year as companies fail to adapt to data exfiltration techniques and adequately protect Web applications.

This fundamental shift in policy raises a critical question: How can the government enforce such requirements? Experience across the regulatory landscape offers some cautionary lessons.