Weekend Reads 032224

Highway 9 Networks recently emerged from stealth mode with $25 million in seed funding and a vision to provide enterprise companies with SaaS-based private mobile networks that would eliminate gaps in coverage by incorporating cellular technology.

Hackers’ advantage: One of the biggest security weaknesses in U.S. digital networks and infrastructure is out-of-date, no-longer-supported technology.

Threat actors have been observed leveraging the QEMU open-source hardware emulator as tunneling software during a cyber attack targeting an unnamed “large company” to connect to their infrastructure.

There are some weighty ironies here. The AI “safety” experts had raised alarm about “implicit bias” in AI, only for Google to release an almost parodically racist chatbot.

Yet another DNS vulnerability has been exposed. The language of the press release revealing the vulnerability is certainly dramatic, with “devasting consequences” and the threat to “completely disable large parts of the worldwide Internet.”

It’s a good rule of nostril that if your litigation department is a source of revenue, your business model stinks.

In his January 12 SpaceX update, Elon Musk said the biggest goal for Starlink from a technical standpoint is to get the mean latency below 20 ms.

In a recent press release, John Deere announced an agreement with Starlink to provide broadband for smart farm equipment in areas where cellular coverage is not strong enough.

What is it that makes a PC an AI PC? Beyond some vague hand-waving at the presence “neural processing units” and other features only available on the latest-and-greatest silicon, no-one has come up with a definition beyond an attempt to market some FOMO.

DORA is a regulation that enhances the operational resilience of information and communication technology (ICT) and third-party providers the EU financial sector.

Authorities with the Los Angeles Police Department are warning residents in Los Angeles’ Wilshire-area neighborhoods of a series of burglaries involving wifi-jamming technology that can disarm surveillance cameras and alarms using a wireless signal.

Carmakers are offering all kinds of over-the-air subscriptions and features, many of which benefit the businesses that use them. But this also opens up a wider attack surface for vehicle attackers.