Weekend Reads 031921

It was a huge attack, with major implications for US national security. The Senate Intelligence Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing on the breach on Tuesday. Who is at fault?

We are on a path that will see information security transformed in the next 5-10 years. There are five trends that will enable us as an industry to improve the overall security posture and reduce the surface attack space.

In the wake of recent high-profile security incidents, I started wondering: what, generally speaking, should an organization’s security priorities be? That is, given a finite budget — and everyone’s budget is finite — what should you do first?

In this essay, we discuss Articles 22-25.3 After focusing on civil and political rights in the earlier Articles, the drafters of the UDHR turn to social security, defined as the economic, social, and cultural rights necessary for personal dignity and the free of development of one’s personality.

Adding to the list of difficulties that surfaced last year, 2020 was also grim for personal data protection, as it has marked a new record number of leaked credentials and PI data.

A company that rents out access to more than 10 million Web browsers so that clients can hide their true Internet addresses has built its network by paying browser extension makers to quietly include its code in their creations

Leveraging and implementing virtualization and multitenancy in the data center can be complex, requiring multiple touch points in the architecture to see the first benefits of virtualization.

One of the most significant effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a large increase in remote work. The ability to work from home has rescued the U.S. and the world from a steeper economic decline.

Security experts are now trying to alert and assist these victims before malicious hackers launch what many refer to with a mix of dread and anticipation as “Stage 2,” when the bad guys revisit all these hacked servers and seed them with ransomware or else additional hacking tools for crawling even deeper into victim networks.

There are many issues that lurk just below the surface of the DNS, but in recent years one topic has been very prominent, namely privacy. You see the DNS is a precursor to almost everything we do on the Internet. And this is valuable information.

Since the early 2000s, the global debate about Internet Governance did have its ups and downs. We did see the establishment of ICANN, the UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), the making of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), and the failure of the World Conference on International Telecommunication (WCIT).

A new research has yielded yet another means to pilfer sensitive data by exploiting what’s the first “on-chip, cross-core” side-channel in Intel Coffee Lake and Skylake processors.

Here’s a brief timeline of what we know leading up to last week’s mass-hack, when hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Exchange Server systems got compromised and seeded with a powerful backdoor Trojan horse program.

We have a bad case of the silicon shakes and a worsening deficiency in iron here at The Next Platform, but the good news is that new CPU processors from AMD and Intel are imminent, and more processors are expected later this year from IBM and Ampere Computing, too. There will be others.

The company’s custom-built system for storing and managing the hundreds of billions of user content items (with multiple petabytes uploaded daily) has had to stand the test of time, performance, and cost pressures

However, the fundamental techniques used to deliver a DDoS attack haven’t changed much, adds Carlos Morales, CTO at network analysis and cybersecurity firm Neustar.

Most people are aware of the rising price of Bitcoin. Despite the fact that most people are unaware of how to transact in it, and few merchants take it as a form of currency, Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly popular investment. As interest in Bitcoin grows, a few people are starting to take notice of the startling energy costs associated with Bitcoin transactions.

On March 12, 2021, the Conseil d’Etat — France’s highest administrative court — ruled that personal data on a platform used to book COVID-19 vaccinations, managed by Doctolib and hosted by Amazon Web Services, was sufficiently protected under the EU General Data Protection Regulation because sufficient safeguards, both legal and technical, were put in place in case of an access request from U.S. authorities.

With every passing year, as AMD first talked about its plans to re-enter the server processor arena and give Intel some real, much needed, and very direct competition and then delivered again and again on its processor roadmap, it has gotten easier and easier to justify spending at least some of the server CPU budget with Intel’s archrival in the X86 computing arena.

Two decades ago, graphics processing units, or GPUs, were used primarily to accelerate the rendering of 3D graphics for applications such as video gaming.