Weekend Reads 021921

In the current quantum computing landscape, there are hardware and software providers with the most prominent players doing both. While the shakeout on which of these companies will become the prominent won’t even begin for a few years yet, there are some companies that have some significant advantages across the quantum spectrum.

NLNOG RING allows engineers to access other networks securely so they can collect troubleshooting data without having to wait for the other side. Ten years after its launch, Martin Pels takes a look back on how the project came to be and how it evolved over the past decade.

SonicWall on Monday warned of active exploitation attempts against a zero-day vulnerability in its Secure Mobile Access (SMA) 100 series devices.

Even after 40 years of working to mitigate fileless attacks, the software industry is still struggling to eliminate them. By hijacking the control flow of a running application by exploiting a buffer-overflow vulnerability, fileless malware is responsible for numerous zero-day attacks.

More than a month into the discovery of Solorigate, investigations continue to unearth new details that prove it is one of the most sophisticated and protracted intrusion attacks of the decade.

A growing number of ransomware victims appear to be losing confidence that their attackers will delete any data they might have stolen during the attack for additional leverage, even after being paid the demanded ransom.

The security team suddenly hears buzzing overhead at a seemingly secure government site, or critical facility such as a chemical plant. It’s a small, unmanned aerial system (sUAS) – also known as a drone – that’s entered the airspace, presenting an immediate, yet unpredictable threat to the sensitive site.

Since May 2018, it’s been harder for brands to mitigate consumer harm resulting from infringing domain names.

A significant positive the DNS community could take from 2020 is the receptiveness and responsiveness of the Chromium team to address the large amount of DNS queries being sent to the root server system.

Security researchers at Google have claimed that a quarter of all zero-day software exploits could have been avoided if more effort had been made by vendors when creating patches for vulnerabilities in their software.

Large numbers of US Internet subscribers are using over 1TB a month for the first time as the pandemic continues to boost home-Internet usage, according to research released today by the vendor OpenVault.

In this blog, I discuss how undergraduate science and engineering students perceive their learning in the Corona semester in general and, specifically, what skills they practiced during this year. As it turns out, online learning, which was forced on higher education institutions at the beginning of 2020, has some advantages for science and engineering students in terms of learning habits.

It is the Tuesday morning after a long weekend. You come into work early to get caught up on emails only to find you are completely locked out. You have been hit by a ransomware attack. You ask yourself, “What happened? And how do I fix it?”

Many organizations are migrating their workloads to the cloud. But there are challenges along the way. Specifically, security leaders are concerned about their ability to protect their cloud-based data using secure configurations.

The security of open source software has rightfully garnered the industry’s attention, but solutions require consensus about the challenges and cooperation in the execution.

Major vulnerabilities have been discovered in the Realtek RTL8195A Wi-Fi module that could have been exploited to gain root access and take complete control of a device’s wireless communications.

A nascent malware campaign has been spotted co-opting Android devices into a botnet with the primary purpose of carrying out distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Convolutional neural networks are another type of commonly used neural network. Before we get to the details around convolutional neural networks, let’s start by talking about a regular neural network.