Securing BGP: A Case Study

What would it take to secure BGP? Let’s begin where any engineering problem should begin: what problem are we trying to solve? This series of posts walks through a wide range of technical and business problems to create a solid set of requirements against which to measure proposed solutions for securing BGP in the global Internet, and then works through several proposed solutions to see how they stack up.

Post 1: An introduction to the problem space
Post 2: What can I prove in a routing system?
Post 3: What can I prove in a routing system?
Post 4: Centralized or decentralized?
Post 5: Centralized or decentralized?
Post 6: Business issues with centralization
Post 7: Technical issues with centralization
Post 8: A full requirements list
Post 9: BGPSEC (S-BGP) compared to the requirements
Post 10: RPKI compared to the requirements

I will continue updating this post as I work through the remaining segments of this series.