Hedge 225: The CCNA

The CCNA has a long history as an important certification for network engineers. While the CCST has been created by Cisco “below” the CCNA, or as a different starting point, many network engineers begin their career with the CCNA. Join Jason Gooley, Wendell Odom, Tom, and Russ as we discuss the most recent updates to the CCNA, the way updates to the program are changing, and Jason’s and Wendell’s updated book on the CCNA.


BGP Peering (2)

I recorded the beginnings of a BGP training series over at Packet Pushers a short while back; they’ve released these onto youtube (so you can find the entire series there). I’m highlighting one of these every couple of weeks ’til I’ve gone through the entire set of recordings. In this recording, I’m talking through some more interesting aspects of BGP peering, including challenges with IPv6 link local nexthops, promiscuous peering, and capabilities.


BGP Peering (1)

Why does BGP use TCP for peering? What happens if two BGP speakers begin the peering process at the same time? In this video, recorded for Packet Pushers, I start looking at the BGP peering process.


Privacy for Providers

While this talk is titled privacy for providers, it really applies to just about every network operator. This is meant to open a conversation on the topic, rather than providing definitive answers. I start by looking at some of the kinds of information network operators work with, and whether this information can or should be considered “private.” In the second part of the talk, I work through some of the various ways network operators might want to consider when handling private information.