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The Hedge Episode 8: Open Source and the Future of Routing Software

Almost every company relies on open source software in some way, which leads to the natural question—how will the heart of the network, routing and switching, be impacted by open source software? In this episode of the Hedge, Sue Hares, Donald Sharp, and Russ White discuss the current and future world of open source routing software. Donald is one of the main drivers of the FR Routing open source routing stack; Russ White is a maintainer on the project and is still deeply involved in commercial routing software, and Sue Hares was deeply involved in the origins of the GateD open source routing stack.


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The Hedge Episode 7: Leslie Daigle and Internet Invariants

Some things always change, and some things never change. In this episode of the Hedge, Leslie Daigle joins Phill Simonds and Russ White to discuss her research into the things that do not change—and whether or not those things really have changed over the years since her original report for the Internet Society on Internet invariants.


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