Worth Reading: Realistic Patch Management Tips, Post-SolarWinds

23 March 2021

“If you didn’t already know that patching introduces risk, well…now you know,” says Brad Causey, CEO of security consulting and penetration testing firm Zero Day Consulting.

Worth Reading: The Need for Training Telecom Technicians

22 March 2021

Eleven different industry trade associations have written a joint letter to Congress and the new administration asking that any new infrastructure funding include training for telecom technicians. I can’t recall a time when so many associations aligned like this on any issue.

Worth Reading: Fixing the “Human Error” Problem

22 March 2021

Last year, Verizon’s data breaches report showed that “human error” was the only factor with year-over-year increases in reported incidents. The average cost of data breaches from human error stands at $3.33 million, according to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020.

Worth Reading: What Matters Now in Data Center Networking

18 March 2021

Today’s compute workloads and workflows are growing, varied and with many customer choices. Underlying networks and fabrics can either curtail or unlock growth. In some ways, things used to revolve more around the somewhat simpler ‘speeds and feeds,’ but how much are elements like complexity and security being factored into modern data center cost-benefit analysis?

Worth Reading: Systems design explains the world

18 March 2021

“Systems design” is a branch of study that tries to find universal architectural patterns that are valid across disciplines.

Worth Reading: Risks & Responses to Cloud-Based Storage Misconfigurations

17 March 2021

Misconfigurations remain one of the most common risks in the technology world. Simply telling organisations to “fix” this problem, however, is not as easy as it might first seem because there’s a myriad of technologies at play in modern infrastructure deployments

Worth Reading: Impact of Azure Subnets on High Availability Designs

17 March 2021

If you care about performance of your application stack you’d be much better off using the concept of swimlanes – parallel application stacks deployed in different regions or availability zones. A performance problem in a single availability zone would hit only a single swimlane, and you can easily take the whole swimlane out of operation by removing the first-layer instance (web server) from the top load balancer pool.

Worth Reading: Enterprise WAN – A Brief History

16 March 2021

The wide-area network (WAN) has been business-critical for decades, but in many ways, the architecture hasn’t changed dramatically – until recently. The shift to cloud application workloads is accelerating as enterprises look to move forward in a world transformed by the pandemic.

Worth Reading: Space Lasers, Smart Antennas Are Key Enablers for Satellite Broadband

16 March 2021

Two leading-edge technologies are key to making low earth orbit (LEO) satellite broadband networks faster and more cost-effective: Lasers and actively electronically steered array (AESA) antenna. Rapid development of both are essential to reducing latency and cost

Worth Reading: Geofeeds and shepherding — Where is that network?

15 March 2021

Network operators often have to ask the question: Where is this network block being used?