Worth Reading: Internet Fragmentation

One of the discussion topics at the recent ICANN 75 meeting was an old favourite of mine, namely the topic of Internet Fragmentation.

Worth Reading: Underload — the future of congestion control

Internet congestion control mechanisms were initially designed for scenarios where networks are overloaded, that is, sending rates would be either moderate or large compared to available link capacities.

Worth Reading: The Evolving OpenWrt Ecosystem

OpenWrt, which is short for Open Wireless Router, is an open-source project based on Linux mainly used on embedded devices for network traffic routing

Worth Reading: [Podcast] Can technology curb centralization in the Internet?

APNIC’s Chief Scientist, Geoff Huston, joins PING to discuss the recent Decentralized Internet Infrastructure Research Group (DINRG) meeting at IETF 114.

Worth Reading: Hijacked IP Addresses

Malicious actors use IP addresses properly registered to someone else. They send spam using the purloined IP for as long as they can and move on to newly-stolen IP addresses when the first one is effectively blocked.

Worth Reading: A Tale Of Two Technologies — the Stories Of IPv6 And 5G

In recent times, the two technologies that jointly brought ubiquitous online connectivity to the world have confronted existential difficulties brought on by their own success. IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) faced address exhaustion, and 4G (the 4th generation cellular technology) encountered bandwidth exhaustion.

Worth Reading: What is OpenRAN?

If you own and use a smartphone capable of connecting to arbitrary computers all over the world, then you are a user of Radio Access Networks (RAN).

Worth Reading: The record-setting DDoSes keep coming, with no end in sight

The record-vying distributed denial-of-service attacks keep coming, with two mitigation services reporting they encountered some of the biggest data bombardments ever by threat actors whose tactics and techniques are constantly evolving.

Worth Reading: Is Silicon Valley’s golden era coming to an end?

Huge layoffs at Snapchat, dramatic valuation drops at Meta and Apple, and hiring freezes at other Big Tech firms have given new fuel to an increasingly common question: Is Silicon Valley’s golden era coming to an end?

Worth Reading: Can the IETF standardize in human rights?

Back in September 2018, a group of authors submitted the first IETF draft of a document discussing Internet Protocols and the Human Rights to Freedom of Association and Assembly. It is now up to its 11th version.