Worth Reading: 40 years ago, the original Macintosh started a revolution

Nearly 40 years ago, the Apple Macintosh computer came out — a revolutionary machine that changed computing forever. Now’s as good a time as any to look back at what made the Macintosh 128K unique.

Worth Reading: The Disappointment of 5G

The hype for 5G was amazingly over-the-top. The wireless carriers and vendors blitzed the country in a coordinated effort to paint 5G as the solution that would bring broadband everywhere.

Worth Reading: This is why your DNS queries now have random capitalization

In recent months, some telecoms incumbents have questioned the viability of the Alternative Network Provider (AltNet) business model. Their concern? That the delivery of extensive fibre, or overbuilding, across towns and cities could see just a few players cross the finish line in the race to upgrade the UK to full fibre connectivity.

Worth Reading: This is why your DNS queries now have random capitalization

Google has begun broadly enabling case randomization in domain queries sent to authoritative name servers, in an effort to make cache poisoning attacks less effective.

Worth Reading: Your ‘multihop’ BGP session probably isn’t multihop

Upon learning about eBGP and multihop, many new students assume that a directly connected router will decrement the TTL before accepting a packet on a loopback interface. I

Worth Reading: NSA offers security guidelines for IPv6 migration

The US National Security Agency (NSA) has published a guidance document for system administrators to help them mitigate potential security issues as their organizations transition to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).

Worth Reading: Top 10 outages of 2022

The most significant network and service outages of 2022 had far-reaching consequences. Flights were grounded, virtual meetings cut off, and communications hindered.

Worth Reading: Who controls the Internet?

Why yes, the Internet is resting on a foundation of duct tape and WD40 — it is known. And the DNS is the mother of all cornerstones that, if knocked out, would quickly lead to the fall of western civilization.

Worth Reading: 8 hot networking technologies for 2023

Despite the challenges posed by economic turmoil, epidemics, and political upheaval, network researchers are continuing to blaze new trails in innovation, performance, management, and security.

Worth Reading: Bypassing Internet congestion with flyovers

At the Network Security Group at ETH Zurich, we believe that huge improvements in the resilience and performance of the Internet, as well as considerable savings, will come from moving beyond this ‘best-effort’ traffic delivery model.