Worth Reading: Tonga and fragility of long-haul networks

The recent earthquake offshore from Tonga has brought into sharp focus the fragility of worldwide communications in the face of real-world events.

Worth Reading: The Eight Trends That Will Shape the Data Center Industry in 2022

We’ve identified eight themes that we believe will shape the data center business this year. The overarching theme is dealing with the challenges of growth and the data center industry’s vital role in a digital society, as well as the urgent need for progress on climate change.

Worth Reading: WiFi 7

WiFi 7 promises faster speeds and lower latency and will be aimed at maximizing video performance. Qualcomm says it expects full WiFi 7 to become available after 2024.

Worth Reading: Identifying unexpected Internet services

However, scanning studies often assume that services are hosted on their IANA-assigned ports (for example, HTTPS on TCP/443) and overlook scanning additional ports for unexpected services.

Worth Reading: Increasing the robustness of Neighbor Discovery for IPv6

As a best current practice, RIPE-690 recommends that providers should assign ‘persistent’ IPv6 prefixes to their customers. If providers strictly adhere to this recommendation, it would ensure that the assigned prefix would not change. However, some factors make it impractical to adhere to this recommendation.

Worth Reading: 5G’s big players make bold, exciting predictions for 2022

We asked experts from Qualcomm, AT&T, Verizon, and others to give us predictions about how 5G will advance over the coming year, and what exciting new developments the technology will drive.

Worth Reading: Why 2022 is the Year of User Experience in Networking

This year, we can expect increased understanding of how important the user experience is to the definition of network success. Users remember when their network goes down, or when there are service lags that affect their video calls, for example.

Worth Reading: BGP in 2021 — BGP updates

This report will look at the profile of BGP updates across 2021 to assess whether the stability of the routing system, as measured by the level of BGP update activity, is changing.

Worth Reading: BGP in 2021 – The BGP Table

At the start of each year, I report on the behaviour of the inter-domain routing system over the past 12 months, looking in detail at some metrics from the routing system that can show the essential shape and behaviour of the underlying interconnection fabric of the Internet.

Worth Reading: 93% of Tested Networks Vulnerable to Breach, Pen Testers Find

Data from dozens of penetration tests and security assessments suggest nearly every organization can be infiltrated by cyberattackers.