Worth Reading: Internet Bifurcation

The Internet controversy between the US and China is escalating. The Trump Administration is fighting against Huawei, TikTok and We Chat. China is pushing back with new export regulations for Chinese IT technology. August 5, 2020 the US State Department launched a “Clean Network” initiative, aimed to remove Chinese digital corporations from the global supply chain in today’s interconnected world

Worth Reading: Debugging Incidents in Google’s Distributed Systems

This article covers the outcomes of research performed in 2019 on how engineers at Google debug production issues, including the types of tools, high-level strategies, and low-level tasks that engineers use in varying combinations to debug effectively.

Worth Reading: Get Hands-on with Juniper vLabs

Juniper vLabs is a cloud-based lab environment that lets anyone try products and features at any time, in a no-risk environment – for free! vLabs offers pre-built, virtualized network topologies that are free to use (with a Juniper.net account) and available to use on-demand or pre-schedule in advance.

Worth Reading: Network Security Efficacy in the Age of Pervasive TLS Encryption

One question which I love to ask next-generation firewall (NGFW) and intrusion prevention system (IPS) administrators is whether they have seen a gradual decline in their deployments’ security efficacy over the last few years. Most answer this question with a resounding “yes,” and then wonder how I knew.

Worth Reading: New 400G DC Switch

A modern world devours bandwidth. From on-prem data centers to public clouds, the increase in consumption will only continue to grow. In order for many organizations to keep pace, transitioning to 400G-ready devices in the data center is a necessity.

Worth Reading: NVIDIA Buys Arm

A key question is whether Arm’s famous low-power chip architecture, which is widely deployed in smartphones and other portable devices, can finally have a similar impact in servers. Over the past decade, the notion of using Arm to transform data center energy efficiency has been a big vision with small results. Progress has improved over the last several years, and NVIDIA hopes to finally make it happen.

Worth Reading: A Resilient Internet

The cost of a community completely losing the Internet is immense. We’ve seen examples of major Internet outages in the memorable past. Hurricane Sandy knocked out broadband to a large part of New York City in 2012. Hurricane Erma knocked out broadband in parts of Miami for weeks in 2017.

Worth Reading: How accurate are IP geolocation services?

We found there are inaccuracies in the existing geolocation approaches when mapping end-to-end Internet paths to physical locations, with 77% of IPv4 and 65% of IPv6 economy-level mappings missing at least one economy along the path of our dataset.

Worth Reading: DNS Flag Day 2020

For DNS Flag Day 2020, the idea is the same: make the Internet a better place through a coordinated effort across participating DNS implementers, vendors, and operators. This time, however, the target might seem not directly related to the DNS: IP fragmentation.

Worth Reading: Maximizing Qname Minimization

Data privacy and security experts tell us that applying the “need to know” principle enhances privacy and security, because it reduces the amount of information potentially disclosed to a service provider — or to other parties — to the minimum the service provider requires to perform a service.