Worth Reading: Can the DNS support encryption without enabling centralization?

While encryption is a positive thing, deployment of these protocols has, in some cases, resulted in further centralization of the DNS, introducing new challenges. In particular, centralization has consequences for performance, privacy, and availability.

Worth Reading: 5G marketing outpaces service reality

Mobile phone companies advertise high-speed 5G service with U.S. maps splashed with pink or blue to suggest widespread coverage, but the latest generation wireless technology is actually only available less than a third of the time in the best served states, new data shows.

Worth Reading: Hunting Routing Resources with IRRHound

Following the progressive exhaustion of IPv4 address space, we observed a parallel growth in commercial trading of available IPv4 addresses, which led to a global redistribution of address blocks from their original “birthplace”.

Worth Reading: Too big to fail? Facebook’s global outage

By any standards, the outage that affected Facebook on Monday, October 4th, was big. For more than six hours, Facebook and its other businesses, including WhatsApp, Instagram and Oculus VR, disappeared from the internet — not just in a few regions or countries, but globally.

Worth Reading: Aging Coaxial Copper Networks

We’re not talking enough about the aging coaxial copper networks that provide broadband to the majority of the broadband customers in the country. Comcast and Charter alone serve more than half of all broadband customers in the country.

Worth Reading: Latency Into Your Network – As Seen From RIPE Atlas

We created a data aggregate we call ‘minRTT’ that gives the minimum latency into each ASN (and IXP!) from RIPE Atlas for a given day. This allows us to visualise network deployments and can help with insights into structural latency problems for a network.

Worth Reading: Walmart’s L3AF Control

A challenge we faced when first adopting eBPF was how to manage and orchestrate multiple eBPF programs on a large scale.

Worth Reading: Weaponizing middleboxes for TCP reflected amplification

Reflected amplification attacks are a powerful tool in the arsenal of a DoS attacker. An attacker spoofs a request from a victim to an open server (for example, an open DNS resolver), and the server responds to the victim.

Worth Reading: Forecasting Interest Rates and Inflation

This is a topic that I haven’t written about since I started my blog seven years ago because there hasn’t been a reason. We have just gone through a decade that benefitted from both low interest rates and low inflation – a rarity in historical economic terms.

Worth Reading: What Is the Domain Name Expiry Cycle and Why Should You Know About It?

Everything that happens after someone decides not to renew a domain can be referred to as the “domain name expiry cycle.”