Worth Reading: Computing Clouds in Orbit

Below is a possible roadmap to the orbital internet; reality will certainly vary.

Worth Reading: Satellites and Cellular Backhaul

Elon Musk recently announced that he was going to be providing cellular backhaul from the Starlink constellation of satellites. This makes a lot of sense from a financial perspective in that it avoids the costly wired fiber networks needed to reach rural cell sites.

Worth Reading: Selling Off Transit

The Swedish carrier group Telia has recently announced the sale of its international wholesale business to Polhelm Infra, an infrastructure investment manager jointly owned by a number of Swedish pension funds. Why would a telco operator sell off what was a core part of its operation to a pension fund?

Worth Reading: The Natural Evolution of Technology

I’ve been thinking lately about the future of current broadband technologies. What might the broadband world look like in twenty years?

Worth Reading: Cloud vs enterprise data centres

Data centres are already well established as a concept — once upon a time it may have just been a fancy term for a server room, but as they’ve grown over time, standards have been developed for them and they became a specialized field of IT.

Worth Reading: What Matters Now in Data Center Networking

Irrespective of whether data center workloads generate revenue or play a role in supporting productivity, most organizations have a legacy to contend with. Greenfields may open up wider choice, but this blank canvas comes with its own risk and uncertainty.

Worth Reading: The Dumb Pipe Question

a href=”https://potsandpansbyccg.com/2021/07/14/the-dumb-pipe-question/”>
Every few years I read something that resurrects the old question of whether ISPs should be dumb pipe providers or something more. Some ISPs have fought against the idea of being dumb pipe providers and want to believe they are far more than that.

Worth Reading: How – And When – Optical I/O Will Make Disaggregated Systems Better

This would have always been a good thing, but as we come to the end of Moore’s Law and transistors are going to start getting more expensive and semiconductor packages are going to get more complex and more costly, too, something has to give.

Worth Reading: A Simulation of the SpaceX, Amazon, Telesat and OneWeb Broadband Satellite Constellations

Over two years ago, an MIT research group ran a simulation of the low-Earth orbit broadband constellations of OneWeb, SpaceX, and Telesat, and last January they repeated the simulation updating with revised constellation characteristics and adding Amazon’s Project Kuiper.

Worth Reading: The Internet and the Cloud Are Going Into Space

Today we have space-based internet access and a terrestrial internet; within ten years, we’ll have a space-based internet. Internet traffic will travel more miles in space than on terrestrial fiber.