Worth Reading: A Traffic Cop for Low Earth Orbit

The Space Surveillance Network also incorporates the Haystack Ultrawideband Satellite Imaging Radar (HUSIR), which is located in the Lincoln Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Worth Reading: Avoiding Low-Earth Orbit Collisions

There was a recent dispute between OneWeb and SpaceX regarding the possibility of a collision between two of their low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites.

Worth Reading: Beavers Chewing Through Fiber Cable Cause Hundreds Lose Internet in a Canadian Remote Community

Internet service was down for nearly 900 customers in Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia, over the weekend after beavers chewed through a crucial fiber cable, resulting in “extensive” damage.

Worth Reading: Some security issues with RPKI and how to fix them

Nonetheless, the RPKI system introduces at least two security issues of which we should be mindful.

Worth Reading: IPv4 in the headlines

All these announcements use AS8003 as the originating ASN, and the total span of addresses announced by that ASN now total 178,348,288 addresses (from a total of 221,828,864 addresses held by the US DoD).

Worth Reading: Why the Global Shortage in Computer Chips Matters to You

Read on. Moore’s Law only holds when chip supply isn’t an issue. Just now, the microchips that make every electronic device work are in short supply.

Worth Reading: The 6G Hype is Already Starting

Even though 5G hasn’t yet made it onto any cellphone, the wireless vendor industry is already off and running looking at the next generation of wireless technology that has been dubbed as 6G.

Worth Reading: AI is Ready for Take Off – Here’s How to Prepare

On the other hand, there are still many organizations and executives sitting on the sidelines – respondents who haven’t even dipped their toes into the AI waters.

Worth Reading: Virtual of Microsoft Data Center Tour Showcases Cloud Innovation

Microsoft is offering the world a look inside its cloud data centers with a new virtual tour, an immersive experience that provides a walk-through of simulated data halls, network rooms, and operations equipment yards.

Worth Reading: Vertically Unchallenged

That is what four decades of distributed computing has really taught us, if you boil off all the pretty water that obscures with diffraction and bubbling and look very hard at the bottom of the pot into the substrate of bullshit left behind.