Worth Reading: RPKI downgrade attack

To understand the attack surface introduced by misbehaving or malicious publication points, we briefly list some of the components and protocols involved during the retrieval of the RPKI objects (primarily ROAs) by the relying parties.

Worth Reading: Time to throw out those older, vulnerable Cisco SMB routers

If you thought you were over the hump with Patch Tuesday then perhaps think again: Cisco has just released fixes for seven flaws, two of which are not great.

Worth Reading: An open-source alternative for meeting Lawful Interception requirements

Lawful Interception (LI) regulations are a major source of stress for smaller network operators. Increasingly, law enforcement agencies require that any intercepted communications be delivered in real-time, without loss, over an encrypted channel, and conforming to a standardized format.

Worth Reading: Will optics replace copper interconnects?

While fiber optic communications have been around for half a century, we’ve only recently started applying the technology at the board level. Despite this, Wade expects, within the next decade, optical waveguides will begin supplanting the copper traces on PCBs as shipments of optical I/O products take off.

Worth Reading: Building Google’s fiber optic network

Fiber optic networks are a foundation of the modern internet. In fact, subsea cables carry 99% of international network traffic, and yet we are barely aware that they exist.

Worth Reading: What Hollywood taught me about Zero Trust

If I ever—in some alternate reality or fantasy future—have the opportunity to design Starfleet’s computer systems, one thing I would most certainly ensure is that the weapons systems were not connected to life support subroutines.

Worth Reading: How IoT devices can endanger your IPv6 privacy

Unfortunately, even a single poorly configured device using legacy IPv6 addressing schemes can break the privacy mechanisms offered by IPv6 and employed by many ISPs.

Worth Reading: Google and subsea fibre

Google has published a blog post about the deployment of new subsea fibre optic cable systems, which they now have a significant interest in.

Worth Reading: RFC 9099 — Operational security considerations for IPv6 networks

As I’ve written and presented on previously, IPv6 security is inherently hard. But just because something is hard doesn’t mean it should be ignored or used as an excuse to not do it.

Worth Reading: Leave your preconceptions at the door

In this episode, we talk with Adrian Farrel about a study he and Daniel King conducted on the challenges semantic routing has had on the Internet’s routing system.