Worth Reading: Bloomberg – Are you a robot?

In 2010, the U.S. Department of Defense found thousands of its computer servers sending military network data to China—the result of code hidden in chips that handled the machines’ startup process.

Worth Reading: When Did the Digital Age Begin?

People have probably been counting and calculating with their fingers – a natural calculating tool – since time immemorial.

Worth Reading: Unconventional Career Paths in Technology

A career in technology is rarely a straight line. Many of my peers in technology have experienced unconventional paths influenced by the ever-changing digital landscape — as have I.

Worth Reading: Consumer Technology vs. 5G

5G is often heralded as the future of communications technology. It’s actually the antithesis. It is the anti-Internet clawing intelligence back into the network and limiting innovation. With 5G consumers would once again be limited to a choice of offerings and a new generation would rediscover the busy signal.

Worth Reading: Towards verifying programmable switches at runtime with P6

The P4 language allows users to define, in a program, instructions for processing packets. This could include instructions on how the received packet should be read, manipulated, and forwarded by a network device, such as a P4 switch.

Worth Reading: ISP Column–February 2021

Like the “clean slate” discussions of over a decade ago, if we were to think about today’s world without inherent assumptions based on unicast models of networks largely derived from the telephony service model, and we were to think about the network architecture in massively replicated service terms that are more like the old school publication or retail worlds, we probably would not have come up with a network architecture based on unicast destination endpoint address-based packet forwarding.

Worth Reading: How to adopt DevSecOps successfully

Adopting DevOps can help an organization transform and speed how its software is delivered, tested, and deployed to production. This is the well-known “DevOps promise” that has led to such a large surge in adoption.

Worth Reading: IPv6-only and why it is past time to embrace IPv6

IPv6 support is reasonable and it has started to bubble up in backbones and even on dual stacked networks. Remember the multiple protocols running on the same network?

Worth Reading: How to Stay Productive All Day

But in reality, this style of work always killed my productivity levels after 2-4 hours of coding. I felt so tired that I didn’t want to do anything except different low energy tasks (like code review).

Worth Reading: A guide to planning the next 50 years of your career

In this third and final part of the review, I’ll summarize Gratton’s view of three habit changes people will have to undertake if they plan to be successful at work in the future.