Weekend Reads 071522

After more than a decade when cryptocurrencies and related technologies have surged, boomed, and busted in a regulatory vacuum, lawmakers in both the US and Europe are writing new rules for a sector that has grown dangerously large in both value and reach,

With the emergence of privacy regulations that assign penalties based on a business’ profit, or those that calculate a value for each compromised record, it is possible to calculate the cost of a breach based on those metrics.

What is the most expensive component in the more generic, non-accelerated servers that comprise the majority of their server fleets? Main memory, correct again.

Cybersecurity researchers have detailed the various measures ransomware actors have taken to obscure their true identity online as well as the hosting location of their web server infrastructure.

After nearly two years of legal wrangling, the European Parliament on Tuesday passed the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act, teeing up a showdown between the continent and US tech giants.

The new PCI DSS Standard, version 4.0, contains all the steps, best practices, and explanations required for full compliance. In fact, even an organization that does not process cardholder data could follow the PCI Standard to implement a robust cybersecurity program for any of its important data.

As Intel, TSMC, and Samsung race to prove that Moore’s law is still relevant with faster and more efficient chips, researchers in China have pointed to a growing body of research revealing one way silicon slingers can achieve higher levels of performance: matrix math accelerators that integrate electronic circuits and photonics.

But there’s no Industrial IoT without 5G. High speed, low latency and massive connectivity, 5G is the secret sauce needed to connect millions of devices in real time. In most cases, wired wi-fi just can’t compete.

Cybersecurity and digitalization were not at the center of the recent summit meetings of the presidents and prime ministers of G7 (US, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Japan) and BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).

BMW is changing up a gear in its drive to charge people subscriptions for features in their cars, effectively putting functionality behind a paywall.

There are three routes to deploying an SD-WAN and businesses need to be certain they’ve chosen the correct path for their specific organizational needs.

A Florida man has been accused of selling to hospitals, schools, and others fake and malfunctioning Cisco equipment imported from China.