Weekend Reads 060223

When processing multiple transactions at the same time, the database needs to decide whether the transactions can see each other’s changes, how much they can see, etc.

While there are an estimated 30,000 daily cyber attacks on business websites, there are roughly ten times as many attacks against social media accounts every single day, equating to roughly 1.4 billion accounts every month.

Resecurity threat researchers discovered a new ransomware they’ve dubbed “Nevada” being sold on the RAMP underground community.

A mission-critical design objective of power autonomy, however, does not shield data center operators from problems that affect utility power systems.

At the moment, the most powerful Arm processor on the planet is the 48-core A64FX processor from Fujitsu, which was created as the heavily vectored

UK operator group BT plans to shed more than 40 percent of staff, all in the name of agility. The revelation appeared as a small bullet point in the telco’s full-year results – published on Thursday – under a section outlining BT’s transformation plans for the rest of this decade.

A computer that is not networked to anything and never turned on is likely safe from most cybersecurity attacks but is also not particularly useful. Deciding what risks are acceptable describes risk tolerance.

Samsung, Oppo and Nokia are among a range of Android phone makers with facial recognition scanning tech that can be “easily duped” by a printed 2D photo, according to tests undertaken by campaign group Which?

So what happens when you download a supposed VPN software installer but end up with a malware infection instead?

On May 22, Ireland’s Data Protection Commission published its anxiously anticipated decision in the Meta data transfers case, which includes a record-breaking 1.2 billion euro fine, a stop-transfer order with a carefully delineated timeline and an order to cease unlawful processing of EU data in the U.S. within six months.

Social networks are constantly battling inauthentic bot accounts that send direct messages to users promoting scam cryptocurrency investment platforms.

The European Union has been working on the world’s first comprehensive law to regulate artificial intelligence. The file is approaching the finish line two years after the legislative proposal was presented.

The digital domain encompasses the different spaces and spheres we use to relate and interact with the people and things that surround us using digital technologies.

Recent research conducted by the Independent Advisor reveals that a significant number of accounts, exceeding 340 million, have been compromised due to business data breaches within the first four months of 2023.

While-taken in isolation-each implementation may be secure, we reveal that in the interoperable world of OpenPGP, unforeseen cross-configuration attacks become possible.