Hedge 186: Hardware Root of Trust

The idea of a root of trust is somewhat foreign to network engineers—what is it, and why would it be important? Michael and Marcus from Hedgehog join Tom Ammon and Russ White to discuss how hardware roots of trust work, what problems they are designed to solve for network hardware, and the current state of this technology.

Hedge 185: Retrocomputing

Computers only have a history stretching back some 60 or 70 years—and yet much of that history has already been lost in this mist of time. Are we focusing so deeply on the future that we have forgotten our past? What might we learn from the past, even the recent past, and how does forgetting our past impact the future. Federico Lucifredi joins Tom Ammon and Russ White to discuss some of his projects finding, repairing, and operating old personal computers.

Hedge 184: Open Source Value, Fake Agile, Cloud & Skills

It’s roundtable time at the Hedge! This month, Tom, Eyvonne, and Russ kick off the conversation talking about the value (and some dangers) of open source software. Fake Agile is up next—what does it really mean to be agile, and can organizations use agile tools without being truly agile? Finally, cloud computing, vendors, and skills come to the fore.

Hedge 183: Mike Bushong on Operational Excellence

What’s next for network engineering? While we normally think of answers to this question in terms of technology, Mike Bushong joins this episode of the Hedge to argue the future is in operations—and operational excellence. Join Mike, Tom, and Russ as we discuss how the importance of operating a network is impacting the design of hardware, software, and networks.

Hedge 182: The Decentralized Internet Infrastructure Research Group

The Internet has become very centralized in the last five to ten years, causing a lot of concern among among many in the Internet community. While we cannot turn back the clock, we can try to chart a path forward to reduce the tendency towards centralization. Join Dirk Dirk Kutscher, Lixia Zhang, Alvaro Retana, Tom Ammon, and Russ White on this episode of the Hedge as we discuss the work the Distributed Internet Research Group (DINRG) is doing to create a more decentralized Internet.

Hedge 181: Roundtable

It’s time for Eyvonne, Tom, and Russ to talk about some current stories in the world of networking—the May roundtable. Yes, I know it’s already June, and I’m a day late, but … This month we talk about the IT worker shortage, Infiniband, and the “next big thing.”

So draw up a place to sit and hang out with us as we chat.

Hedge 180: Network Operations Survey with Josh S

What has been happening in the world of network automation—and more to the point, what is coming in the future? Josh Stephens from Backbox joins Tom Ammon, Eyvonne Sharp, and Russ White to discuss the current and future network operations and automation landscape.

Hedge 179: The State and Future of SONiC with Michael V Dvorkin

SONiC is a long-standing open source network operating system. While it cannot (quite) compete with a full-blown commercial network operating system, SONiC+FR/R can solve a lot of the problems network operators face today. Mike V Dvorkin joins Tom Ammon and Russ White to talk about the current state and future of SONiC.

Hedge 178: Defined Trust Transport with Kathleen Nichols

The Internet of Things is still “out there”—operators and individuals are deploying millions of Internet connected devices every year. IoT, however, poses some serious security challenges. Devices can be taken over as botnets for DDoS attacks, attackers can take over appliances, etc. While previous security attempts have all focused on increasing password security and keeping things updated, Kathleen Nichols is working on a new solution—defined trust transport in limited domains.

Join us on for this episode of the Hedge with Kathleen to talk about the problems of trusted transport, the work she’s putting in to finding solutions, and potential use cases beyond IoT.

Hedge 177: Mike Dvorkin and the Cloud

On this episode of the Hedge, Mike Dvorkin joins Russ White to talk about the cloud, tradeoffs, rethinking the cloud value proposition, and the road to becoming an architect. A key point—it is harder to fix hardware in production than it is to fix software in production.