The Hedge 51: Tim Fiola and pyNTM

Have you ever looked at your wide area network and wondered … what would the traffic flows look like if this link or that router failed? Traffic modeling of this kind is widely available in commercial tools, which means it’s been hard to play with these kinds of tools, learn how they work, and understand how they can be effective. There is, however, an open source alternative—pyNTM.



  1. Ihab on 19 September 2020 at 9:21 am

    Nice, I’ll try it. I work in internet service provider and back in 2016 we had small core of maybe 12 core 7600 routers, so I tried to build a “rudimentary” tool (no coding) using excel to calculate the maximum customer’s traffic considering all the main links/nodes failure and using the monitoring data i used percentage to calculate the load-balance in the links and how much of the traffic goes to Facebook and google cash serves instead of the IGWs. for a user it automatic to use it all you need to is add the customer bandwidth in the PE table and it will calculate it is effect on the network. if there is a new PE you only need to add new table and link it to the main traffic matrix for a new core router it is another story heheh.
    thanks for this Podcast.