Hedge 172: Roundtable! SONiC, Open Source, and Complexity

It’s roundtable time at the Hedge! Eyvonne Sharp, Tom Ammon, and I start the conversation talking about the SONiC open source NOS, and then wander into using open source, build versus buy, and finally complexity in design and deployment.

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Hedge 171: Paul Grubb on Zero Knowledge Middleboxes

Middleboxes are used in modern networking to sniff out attack traffic (IDS), block unwanted traffic (stateful packet filters), and share load among several different servers. Encryption, however, is making it hard for the middleboxes to do their job. Paul Grubb joins Tom Ammon and Russ White to discuss zero knowledge middle boxes, which allow operators to enforce arbitrary policies on the underlying traffic of an encrypted connection without decrypting it.

Hedge 170: AI in the Real World with Jonathan Bartlett

Artificial Intelligence is being heavily hyped right now, especially in light of the newer generative AI systems (like ChapGPT). What is the reality behind the hype? Jonathan Bartlett, fellow at the Discovery Institute, joins us for a discussion on AI reality for this episode of the Hedge.

Upcoming Training: How the Internet Really Works Part 1

I’m teaching How the Internet Really Works over on Safari Books Online on the 24th of March—in a couple of weeks. From the description: This live training will provide an overview of the systems, providers, and standards bodies important to the operation of the global Internet, including the Domain Name System (DNS), the routing and…

Hedge 169: Network Address Translation with Steinn

Network Address translation is one of those phrases that strikes fear into the hearts of some network engineers … and joy into the hearts of others! Steinn Bjarnarson joins us to discuss the history of NAT, its uses, its misuses, and how NAT fits into the big picture of network design today. Steinn just finished writing a paper on the history of NAT.

Weekend Reads 030323

Insuring against the consequences of cybersecurity seems too good to be true given the underlying problem has perplexed researchers and practitioners for going on 50 years.

Payment records paint a detailed picture of an individual’s behavior. They reveal wealth, health, and interests, but individuals do not want the burden of deciding which are sensitive or private.

Presently, enterprises have implemented advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to support business process automation (BPA), provide valuable data insights, and facilitate employee and customer engagement.

Hedge 168: Roundtable

It’s roundtable time! In February’s roundtable, Eyvonne joins Tom and Russ to talk about Network as a Service, innovation, and marketing. Then we jump into the topic of the year at this point—ChaptGPT. Finally, we talk about proposals to eliminate noncompete agreements in the United States. What would this mean? Would it be better for tech, or worse?

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