Research: DNSSEC in the Wild

The DNS system is, unfortunately, rife with holes like Swiss Cheese; man-in-the-middle attacks can easily negate the operation of TLS and web site security. To resolve these problems, the IETF and the DNS community standardized

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Research: Lessons from Evolve or Die

Google runs what is probably one of the largest networks in the world. Because of this, network engineers often have two sorts of reactions to anything Google publishes, or does. The first is "my network

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A glance back at the looking glass: Will IP really take over the world?

In 2003, the world of network engineering was far different than it is today. For instance, EIGRP was still being implemented on the basis of its ability to support multi-protocol routing. SONET, and other optical

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Thoughts on Grey Failures

Grey failures happen on a regular basis in all networks, but in larger networks the law of large numbers can take over and cause additional redundancy to actually reduce availability. This video considers some of aspects of grey failures.

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Universal Scaling and Complexity

The universal scaling law is a model designed to help engineers understand transaction based systems, particularly databases and applications. What could a transaction based system have to do with network design? After all, networks aren't

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