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18 July 2019

Now that the first post is up, there are two feeds you can use: http://rule11.tech/category/hedge/ http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheHedge I tried to get the feed listed in the iTunes listing, but there is something up with the image it doesn’t like… Until I have more time to mess around with iTunes’ silliness and lack of meaningful error messages,…

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The Hedge Episode 1: Sonia Cuff and Stress in IT

16 July 2019

Working in information technology is notoriously stressful — but why? In this episode of the Hedge, Sonia Cuff, Denise Donohue, and Russ White dig into the reasons information technology tends to produce so much stress, and what we can do about it.

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The Hedge Episode 1: Sonia Cuff and Stress in IT


The Floating Point Fix


Weekend Reads 071219


Worth Reading: Are broadband investments increasing?

The largest ISPs and their lobbying arm USTelecom are still claiming that the level of industry capital spending has improved as a direct result of the end of Title II regulation. —Doug Dawson

Worth Reading: Accelerating the Internet

We got used to it: if we open a website, it’s always like stop and go on a high-traffic highway or city traffic jam. —Klaus Rock

Worth Reading: Will broadband go wireless?

For years it’s been impossible to go to any industry forum without meeting a few folks who predict that residential broadband will go wireless. —Doug Dawson