Providers and Privacy at NANOG 84

I’m speaking (in person) at NANOG84 on providers and privacy—

Privacy is a hot topic, but there’s little information for the networking professional in this area. This presentation will provide a quick overview and thoughts on the area of privacy aimed at transit provider operations personnel, including packet processing and logging. Note this presentation does not constitute legal advice, but rather just presents general concepts and thoughts from the perspective of a network engineer in an area of interest.

DC Fabric Intelligence Panel at DCD

On the 10th of February (next week) I’m participating in a panel discussing—

A networking strategy involving disaggregation deployment, overlay network virtualization, automation, and visibility can remedy the complexities with better utilization and performance and ultimately enable network slicing and self-healing abilities. Cloudification of the network is here, but how far do we need to go, and what is the impact on the hardware?

You can find more information about joining here.

The Centralization of the Internet

My article on Internet centralization just published over at The Public Discourse—

Most of the Internet’s traffic now flows through the networks of a few large companies rather than a multitude of small transit providers, and the Internet’s physical infrastructure is being reshaped to meet this new reality. But relying on a few providers to host all the content on the Internet makes it possible for just a few companies to shut down entire services or control speech.

Juniper Master Class: Disaggregation Pros and Cons

On the 28th—in two days—I’m doing a master class over at Juniper on DC fabric disaggregation. I’ll spend some time defining the concept (there are two different ideas we use the word disaggregation to describe), and then consider some of the positive and negative aspects of disaggregation. This is a one hour session, and it’s free. Register here.