Worth Reading: Optical Outlook in the Data Center

Optical signal to noise imposes a limit that caps the aggregate data that can be transported over a single fiber. We’ve been testing this limit for almost a decade, first in long-haul (inter–data center) and now short-range (intra–data center) connections with speeds of 200Gbps and above to accommodate the appetite for 5G, IoT, big data, quantum computing, and other emerging technologies. —Tim Dixon @The Data Center Journal


  1. Jeremy Austin on 31 July 2018 at 5:17 pm

    I’ve been maintaining for some time now that as optical communications ease closer to the Shannon limit, operators will have to contend more and more with variable capacity. It’s just like microwave. 🙂 This is why I’m keen to see solid solutions at all speeds and link types for calculating true network capacity in a nondestructive manner.

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