Weekend Reads 071621

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have become key places for businesses to communicate with customers and even sell directly to consumers. Yet when it comes to actually making a purchase, do consumers trust a social media site over a domain?

Ransomware payouts are putting the squeeze on cyber-insurance companies and resulting in higher premiums for organizations that want protection against the threat.

Christopher Belfi was waiting tables in a lakeside resort near this Upstate New York town a decade ago when he got the career break he’d been waiting for — an invitation to work at a semiconductor factory

Until we can solve the cybersecurity problem for the user at home, threats will remain a concern even for enterprises, with many having large numbers of work-from-home employees.

Prompted in part by devastating attacks such as those on SolarWinds Orion, Microsoft Exchange, and Colonial Pipeline, the White House issued an executive order on cybersecurity in May.

The InfiniBand interconnect emerged from the ashes of a fight about the future of server I/O at the end of the last millennium, and instead of becoming that generic I/O it became a low latency, high bandwidth interconnect used for high performance computing.

It is a microkernel operating system aimed primarily at midrange to high-end processors such as RISC-V with a memory management unit (MMU) and provides a competitive software platform for all industries in the embedded space.

Having your laptop stolen isn’t just stressful because you need to replace a pricey piece of hardware—it also poses a threat to your digital security. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect yourself both before and after your laptop goes missing.

Businesses in need of chips are taking supply-chain risks they wouldn’t have considered before, only to find that what they buy doesn’t work. Dubious sellers are buying ads on search engines to lure desperate buyers. Sales of X-ray machines that can detect fake parts have boomed.

In a nutshell, GDPR states that the personally identifiable information of EU citizens must be protected against disclosures, and there are laws in the US that require precisely such disclosures (FISA with its section 702 and the CLOUD Act).

The current discourse about AI and cybersecurity often confuses the different perspectives, as if the intersection of disciplines is monolithic and one-dimensional.

SolarWinds, the Texas-based company that became the epicenter of a massive supply chain attack late last year, has issued patches to contain a remote code execution flaw in its Serv-U managed file transfer service.