Worth Reading: 2023 State of Network Automation Survey

4 April 2023

There’s a lot of talk about network automation these days. In fact, it’s hard to read a networking blog, listen to a networking podcast, or go to a networking event without hearing something about automation, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), or Artificial intelligence (AI).

Worth Reading: Uncovering the Dark Side of Email Traffic

3 April 2023

Billions of emails are exchanged daily, and within a portion of those emails lurk malware aimed at compromising your organization’s network security, stealing your company’s sensitive data and creating operational disruption.

Worth Reading: The Sparks of AGI? Or the End of Science?

3 April 2023

As I have said before, I don’t really think GPT-4 has much to do with AGI. The strengths and weaknesses of GPT-4 are qualitatively the same as before.

Worth Reading: Commercial quantum networks inch closer to primetime

30 March 2023

As commercial availability of quantum computers moves closer to reality, researchers and vendors are investing in efforts to create quantum-secured networks.

Worth Reading: MASQUE

30 March 2023

The client is aware of its own identity, and the URL to whom the request has been made. The Relay is aware of the IP address of the client, and the identity of the Gateway to whom the request will be passed, but not the identity of the Target, nor the URL that is to be passed to the Target.

Worth Reading: [Podcast] DNSSEC: The case for and against

29 March 2023

In this episode of PING, APNIC’s Chief Scientist Geoff Huston discusses Domain Name Security Extensions (DNSSEC) and presents a case for and against deployment, in the context of complexity, fragility, and impact on the Domain Name System (DNS) process at large.

Worth Reading: Opinion: IP Leasing Should Become a Market Standard

29 March 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving and cross-dimensional business environment, I believe such policies are not aligned with current reality and business practices and should be addressed. This opinion piece argues that IP leasing should become a global market standard and provides reasoning to support this point of view.

Worth Reading: How Secure is Your 5G Network?

28 March 2023

Time to grab a cup of coffee, as I describe how the transition towards open, disaggregated, and virtualized networks–also known as cloud-native 5G–has created new challenges in an already-heightened 4G-5G security environment.

Worth Reading: Improving the inference of sibling Autonomous Systems

28 March 2023

Correctly mapping Autonomous Systems (ASes) to their owner organizations (also called AS2Org mapping) is crucial for Internet researchers.

Worth Reading: Assess security risks in your open source project with Scorecard

27 March 2023

The OpenSSF’s Scorecard project is an automated tool that assesses a software project’s security practices and risks.