Worth Reading: Monitoring and Observability

26 April 2018

So what is observability? Should we accept what many are stating — that it’s basically monitoring, only on steroids? Bigger, better, faster; the new Chuck Norris of DevOps tools. So better buy some observability, right? —Peter Waterhouse @The New Stack

Worth Reading: Intel Thread Detection and the GPU

24 April 2018

Intel announced some new innovations in anti-virus technology that leverage GPUs and AI to enhance malware protection. —Leon Chan @Tom’s Hardware

Worth Reading: The Edge and Cloud

24 April 2018

Low latency, reduced bandwidth, reduced backhaul — these are the axioms of edge computing, the process of moving intensive workloads from the cloud out to the edge of the network. —Megan O’Keefe @The New Stack

Worth Reading: Samza Aeon

23 April 2018

You can’t fix something if you don’t know there’s a problem. Measuring and tracking the latency of requests through your system is essential to identifying and resolving issues quickly. —Max Wolffe and Akhilesh Gupta @Linkedin Engineering

Worth Reading: The Exploding Enpoint Problem

23 April 2018

The future consumer will expect to access all human knowledge and services on-demand, using devices that fit in their pocket, and all for the price of a meal. This requires a digital experience that can connect anything to anything and continuously adapt to changing data and services. —Tyler Jewell @The New Stack

Worth Reading: DevOps and component chaos

19 April 2018

Modern software development is trending more toward a componentized approach because developers would rather assemble something using a variety of well-built pieces of third-party code than reinvent the wheel every time they create something new. The approach has done wonders for speed and agility, but it’s increasing a lot of enterprise attack surfaces because too…

Worth Reading: White box switching

19 April 2018

White box switching seems to be all the networking hype. For some in-depth research, check out this podcast from packet pushers about ATT making its move into white box switching. Cisco is also committed to offering a decoupled version of IOS-XR from Cisco hardware to enable running their NOS on OCP (open compute project) compliant…

Worth Reading: Topology Basics Part 2

18 April 2018

In spaces like the real numbers, there is convenient framework available to quantify closeness and proximity, and which allows naturally for a definition of limit or tendency for sequences. In a general topological space missing this skeletal feature, convergence must be defined. —Jason Hathcock @The Math Citadel

Worth Reading: A new JPEG

18 April 2018

Why do virtual reality headsets make users nauseous? One reason is latency, or the almost imperceptible amount of time it takes for a display image to change in response to a user’s head movement. However, the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) has just introduced a new image compression standard that could resolve this problem. —Laure-Anne…

Worth Reading: Microsegmentation

17 April 2018

Network segmentation is a best-practice strategy for reducing the attack surface of data center networks. Just as the watertight compartments in a ship should contain flooding if the hull is breached, segmentation isolates servers and systems into separate zones to contain intruders or malware, limiting the potential security risks and damage. —Avishai Wool @Dark Reading