Worth Reading: New Exploits, Old Techniques

7 November 2017

The use of tunnelling to subvert traffic is in no way new and the article itself covers many of the tunnelling approaches that have been used to set up covert channels for well over a decade. However, what this research has highlighted is the need to draw attention and validation to logging and intrusion detection…

Worth Reading: Why 5G is in trouble

6 November 2017

I have a somewhat unconventional view of 5G. I just happen to believe it is the right one. It is trapped inside a category error about the nature of packet networking, and this means it is in trouble. As context, we are seeing the present broadband Internet access model maturing and begin to reach its…

Worth Reading: Should we trust geolocation?

6 November 2017

Geolocation databases are often used by both researchers and network operators to learn the real-world location of a given IP address. But how reliable are these in terms of coverage and accuracy at both country- or city-level resolutions? Evaluation studies of previous geolocation databases are dominated by the results over end-host addresses. As a result,…

Weekend Read: Don’t be true to yourself

3 November 2017

A dedication to egalitarianism can cut both ways: uplifting the lower or bringing down the higher. I would argue that this happens not only in society but also within our souls. For egalitarianism would have us treat all our parts as equally deserving of honor, and this leaves us lost in deciding which of our…

Worth Reading: Days of our stolen identities

2 November 2017

The Equifax saga continues like a soap opera, Days of Our Stolen Identity. Every time it appears the Equifax drama is ending, a new report surfaces confirming additional security issues. —Kate Donofrio @ CSA

Worth Reading: Checklists

1 November 2017

Thirty-six seconds after launch, lightning struck the Apollo 12 and its six million pounds of high explosive fuel. The instruments blacked out. Twenty-two seconds later lightning struck again. What few instruments remained started flashing red failure lights. The “you’re about to die” alarm started blaring. Over the radio the crew heard the voice of John…

Worth Reading: Low Earth Satellite Internet Access

1 November 2017

Satellites are now cheaper, smaller and lighter. OneWeb and their manufacturing partner Airbus say automation and re-design will enable them to manufacture three satellites per day at a cost of less than $1 million each and launch cost per satellite will be low since they are small and light. In a talk at the opening…

Worth Reading: Hack it back is a bad idea

31 October 2017

If there were a prize for the worst cybersecurity policy idea that just won’t die, it would have to go to “hacking back,” or making it legal for people to attack the computers that are attacking them. This idea has been around for years, which means that for years, people have been warning that this…

Worth Reading: The Look It Up Fallacy

31 October 2017

The first problem behind the “Look it Up” fallacy has to do with definitions of words. Most words have more than one definition, and even when they don’t have more than one main definition, there are usually several different, related meanings. Only a knowledge of the context in which the words appears will allow you…

Worth Reading: The calm before the IoT Storm (Reaper)

30 October 2017

It’s been just over a year since the world witnessed some of the world’s top online Web sites being taken down for much of the day by “Mirai,” a zombie malware strain that enslaved “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices such as wireless routers, security cameras and digital video recorders for use in large-scale online attacks.…