Worth Reading: 5G and Internet Technology

10 July 2017

5G is the latest generation of cellular network standards. There’s a tremendous amount of activity around it in the industry. But how does 5G relate to Internet technology? Are there 5G-related work items that the IETF should be working on, for instance? —APNIC

Worth Reading: The next generation of whois

7 July 2017

Similar to Internet DNS, WHOIS is not a single, centrally managed database. Rather, domain name registration data is held in disparate locations and administered by multiple Registries and Registrars. Further, a similar WHOIS service (maintained by Regional and National Internet Registries) exists for Numbering Resources (IPV4/V6 addresses, ASN numbers) on Internet. For the sake of…

Worth Reading: Why isn’t everyone running DNSSEC?

7 July 2017

Given how critical DNS is to the functioning of the Internet, it’s a mystery that the world is prepared to accept such a security-deficient protocol at the core of all its infrastructure. What’s even crazier is that there’s a secure solution that’s been in the pipeline for over a decade: DNS security extensions, or DNSSEC.…

Worth Reading: Are more specifics harmful?

6 July 2017

The number of more specific advertisements in the IPv4 Internet is more than 50% of all advertisements, and the comparable picture in IPv6 has more specific advertisements approaching 40% of all network advertisements. It is tempting to label this use of more specifics as part of the trashing of the Internet commons. Individual networks optimise…

Worth Reading: Hijacking Bitcoin

6 July 2017

It turns out that if you can hijack less than a hundred BGP prefixes (feasible) you can isolate about 50% of the mining power in the network. Once a collection of nodes are partitioned from the network the network becomes more vulnerable to double spending attacks, transaction filtering, and selfish mining attacks. —Morning Paper

Worth Reading: Why data integration is on the front line

5 July 2017

Data is increasingly viewed as a strategic asset with real revenue impact for businesses of every size. A 2016 Capgemini survey found 61% of executives surveyed felt big data was a driver of revenue and was as valuable to their bottom line as the products or services they sell. Additionally, 65% of the surveyed executives…

Worth Reading: A brittle and fragile future

5 July 2017

While this is not intended to be a dystopian rant, I feel strongly motivated to draw attention to the fragile and interdependent future we are creating through the use of programmable devices and systems. Some of you are, no doubt, rather tired of this theme, but as we equip cyber-physical and virtual systems with programs…

Worth Reading: The impact of more specifics in the DFZ

30 June 2017

Here I’ll examine the collected statistics of the use of more specific routing advertisements in BGP in further detail, looking at the impact of more specifics on the growth of the routing system and the dynamics of BGP updates in the larger context of scaling BGP to meet the demands of an ever-larger Internet. —potaroo

Worth Reading: Subscription based networking

30 June 2017

Cisco’s big announcement this week ahead of Cisco Live was their new Intent-based Networking push. This new portfolio does include new switching platforms in the guise of the Catalyst 9000 series, but the majority of the innovation is coming in the software layer. Articles released so far tout the ability of the network to sense…

Worth Reading: Characterizing IPv6 load balancing

29 June 2017

Routers that perform load balancing choose among multiple next-hop routers when forwarding packets. In Figure 1, router R1 chooses among R2 and R3. In general, the next-hop is chosen by computing a hash over a subset of fields in each packet’s IP header. Hashing different subsets of IP header fields allow control of a trade-off…