Worth Reading: Why developers should learn to write

5 September 2018

In today’s data-driven, data-heavy world, there’s so much content to consume. We’re constantly bombarded by videos, pictures, advertisements, podcasts, and articles. Each of these media has a different type of appeal, and it always seems like there’s strong competition to try to attract and retain our attention. —Derek Mei @Free Code Camp

Worth Reading: Using DNS as a Single Signon

4 September 2018

Internet-wide identity management is one of the hot issues currently — dealing with hundreds of separate usernames and passwords is insecure and unfriendly for users. Increasingly, people use their social network accounts to log into websites, which works well, but forces you to allow either Google or Facebook to track all your logins — you…

Worth Reading: DNS Inconsistency

4 September 2018

In fact, I contend that it is likely impossible to construct a definitive version of the DNS graph at any point in time this way. The challenge stems from the phenomenon of DNS inconsistency, particularly in real-world NS RRset deployments. —John Kristoff @APNIC

Worth Reading: Chip architecture switches to heterogeneous

3 September 2018

There are shifts underway in computing that are driving the need for more heterogeneous computing that can adapt to the workload at hand without having to change any of the underlying infrastructure. —Jeffrey Burt @The Next Platform

Worth Reading: Edge Analytics

3 September 2018

Edge analytics is the lynchpin that drives real-time decision-making. So, edge analytics means increased intelligence on the devices at the edge. This translates to increased processing capabilities (compute) as well as higher storage on the edge devices. —Balaji Sivakumar @https://opensourceforu.com

Worth Reading: The BGP hackathon report

30 August 2018

The research and operations communities have developed a set of tools and data sources for understanding and experimenting with BGP, and on February 2016 we organized the first BGP Hackathon, themed around live measurement and monitoring of Internet routing. The Hackathon included students, researchers, operators, providers, policymakers, and funding agencies, working together on projects to…

Worth Reading: Why serverless is being rapidly adopted

30 August 2018

Our study found that 46 percent of IT decision makers are using and evaluating serverless, while 35 percent alone are evaluating serverless computing, a ten point increase year over year. —Chip Childers @The New Stack

Worth Reading: The people pushing a decentralized ‘net

29 August 2018

As August began, the non-profit Internet Archive convened the Decentralized Web Summit in San Francisco, promising appearances by “the creators and builders of the original Internet and World Wide Web, plus other developers of cutting-edge decentralized protocols and representatives of civil society, human rights and government from around the world.” —David Cassel @The New Stack

Worth Reading: Application Changes Driving the Cloud?

29 August 2018

Maybe you believe in edge computing, or in IoT or AI, or maybe carrier cloud, or all of the above. The main thing is you believe the future requirements for applications and hosting will be different, and so the data centers and servers of the future will be different. The obvious question is what these…

Worth Reading: Apple Pushes Subscriptions

28 August 2018

Apple is pushing suppliers/developers to move to subscription models instead of pay up front. Only 15% of purchases are paid leaving the remainder to be in-app purchases or subscriptions. —Greg Ferro @Packet Pushers