Worth Reading: A lesson on cloud agility

26 June 2017

As first reported by CNBC on Wednesday, retail and e-commerce giant Wal-Mart notified some of its technology partners that they need to move their information assets away from Amazon Web Services if they want to continue doing business. This move certainly comes as no surprise to many, as the two companies are long-standing rivals in…

Worth Reading: The root of a robust Internet

23 June 2017

On 26 December 2006, a magnitude-7.0 earthquake struck off the southwest coast of Taiwan. This was the Hengchun earthquake, and the quake and its aftershocks resulted in six of the seven submarine cables serving Hong Kong being cut, severely disrupting Internet services on the Special Administrative Region. PCCW, the largest Internet operator in Hong Kong,…

Worth Reading: The revival of standards

23 June 2017

Standards… what a boring, old fashioned and backwards oriented term. How can the representative of a vendor that claims to be open, elastic and forward thinking use it in a headline? Be honest… this was one of the thoughts that ran through your mind while reading the title. Now relax and sit back, the following…

Worth Reading: Token Effects

22 June 2017

Tokens are a new business model that’s emerging for open source. It’s a new way to raise capital by selling tokens through an ICO (initial coin offering). If the project succeeds, its token will appreciate in value, giving early adopters a nice return. … The token is a cryptocurrency that is used to both improve…

Worth Reading: Four lessons in multicloud storage

22 June 2017

Multicloud deployments are a major IT focus, with a whopping 85 percent of enterprises reporting that they have a multicloud strategy in 2017. That’s up from 82 percent in 2016 (RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report, February 2017). A big difficulty in pursuing a multicloud strategy is the complexity of managing different storage implementations,…

Worth Reading: Software is the future of optical

21 June 2017

Flexible optical technologies like ROADMs, tunable wavelengths, and the newly enabled tunable modulation format high-speed optics along with sub-wavelength grooming via OTN (which is included in the transport SDN model) are just the beginning. As vendors allow more flexibility in their products, expect software developers to come up with even more ways to use the…

Worth Reading: The coming war against advertising pollution

21 June 2017

Next year, will see a major offensive from Google and Apple against the worse parts of the advertising world. It will be tricky for Google, bound to appear as judge and jury. Expect many casualties. But the entire ecosystem will benefit from these initiatives.To put it bluntly, the ad community has less than a year…

Worth Reading: Open IPv6 Resolvers

20 June 2017

Open DNS resolvers that answer queries coming from anyone have been the main component of a large number of DDoS attacks in recent years. By sending queries with a spoofed source address to such open resolvers, the resolver will send the answers to that spoofed address. An attacker spoofs the address of his/her target and…

Worth Reading: Connecting Sleep and Income

20 June 2017

A third of American workers report they regularly get fewer than seven hours of sleep a night, leading to the loss of some 1.2 million working days and robbing the U.S. economy of an estimated $226 billion annually, according to a 2016 study by Rand Europe. And 65% of Americans are losing sleep because of…

Worth Reading: Distributed Memory Pooling

19 June 2017

More databases and data stores and the applications that run atop them are moving to in-memory processing, and sometimes the memory capacity in a single big iron NUMA server isn’t enough and the latencies across a cluster of smaller nodes are too high for decent performance. —The Next Platform