Worth Reading: Fog and Open Source

13 November 2017

Edge computing, like public cloud at scale, requires a convenient, powerful cloud software stack that can be deployed in a unified, efficient and sustainable way. Open source is leading the way. — Mark Collier @ opensource.com

Worth Reading: Another Way to Overcome Fingerprint Security

13 November 2017

The woman had unlocked her husband’s phone using his thumb impression when he was sleeping and then blew her top after discovering his infidelity. The crew tried to pacify her but she did not listen. @ Hindustan Times

Worth Reading: Fixing the Plumbing

9 November 2017

At LinkedIn, we pay attention to site speed at every step of the release process, from code development to production ramp. But inevitably, the performance of our pages degrades over time (we use the word “pages” to denote webpages as well as mobile apps). In this post, we go over the tools and processes we…

Worth Reading: Choosing a developer job

8 November 2017

See, in my employment searches, I’ve always focused on which tech stack a company used or if I thought I would be a successful employee from a technical perspective. If I liked the people and the job enough and my skill-set aligned, I would accept the job. I was happy just working as a developer…

Worth Reading: The ROCA Encryption Vulnerability

8 November 2017

Yes. It’s serious in practice and in principle. Infineon used a flawed key generation routine, which means those keys are easier to crack, and the routine is used in chips embedded in a wide variety of devices. It’s reckoned that the flawed routine has been in use since 2012 and has probably been used to…

Worth Reading: New Exploits, Old Techniques

7 November 2017

The use of tunnelling to subvert traffic is in no way new and the article itself covers many of the tunnelling approaches that have been used to set up covert channels for well over a decade. However, what this research has highlighted is the need to draw attention and validation to logging and intrusion detection…

Worth Reading: Why 5G is in trouble

6 November 2017

I have a somewhat unconventional view of 5G. I just happen to believe it is the right one. It is trapped inside a category error about the nature of packet networking, and this means it is in trouble. As context, we are seeing the present broadband Internet access model maturing and begin to reach its…

Worth Reading: Should we trust geolocation?

6 November 2017

Geolocation databases are often used by both researchers and network operators to learn the real-world location of a given IP address. But how reliable are these in terms of coverage and accuracy at both country- or city-level resolutions? Evaluation studies of previous geolocation databases are dominated by the results over end-host addresses. As a result,…

Weekend Read: Don’t be true to yourself

3 November 2017

A dedication to egalitarianism can cut both ways: uplifting the lower or bringing down the higher. I would argue that this happens not only in society but also within our souls. For egalitarianism would have us treat all our parts as equally deserving of honor, and this leaves us lost in deciding which of our…

Worth Reading: Days of our stolen identities

2 November 2017

The Equifax saga continues like a soap opera, Days of Our Stolen Identity. Every time it appears the Equifax drama is ending, a new report surfaces confirming additional security issues. —Kate Donofrio @ CSA