Worth Reading: Domain names fade

4 May 2017

The internet has changed and evolved ever since it’s ancestors first came to life in the late 1960’s. Some technology fades away and is forgotten; other aspects continue but are overlaid, like geological sediments, so that they are now longer visible but are still present under the surface. The Domain Name System — both the…

Worth Reading: Test Strategy for Samza/Kafka Services

4 May 2017

Over a decade ago, test strategies invested heavily in UI-driven tests. Backend and mid-tier services were tested using automated UI-based tests. While UI-based tests have certain merits, such as testing user flows, they are also time-consuming and fragile. The strong coupling of tests with UI caused several problems … —LinkedIn Engineering Blog

Worth Reading: A trillion edge graph on a single node

3 May 2017

Efficiently and quickly chewing through one trillion edges of a complex graph is no longer in itself a standalone achievement, but doing so on a single node, albeit with some acceleration and ultra-fast storage, is definitely worth noting. There are many paths to processing trillions of edges efficiently and with high performance as demonstrated by…