Worth Reading: Balancing Trademarks and Domain Names

19 June 2017

The UDRP is a simple-worded, non-territorial, specialized forum for adjudicating claims of cybersquatting. It is conducted wholly online. It is not a trademark court. If there’s any analogy with litigation, it is that the complaint should be treated as a motion for summary judgment. Whether there is cybersquatting depends on arbitrators (called Panels) applying core…

Worth Reading: Not all who wander are lost

16 June 2017

Not all who wander are lost is a favorite “Lord of the Rings” nerd-ism, and one I’ve always personally loved. Gandalf, however, never tried to learn computer programming, and also he already had a pretty sweet job in the wizardry sector. For those of us working toward that first junior web dev job, though, wandering…

Worth Reading: Ego is the enemy

16 June 2017

When you hear the word enemy, you probably think about regular expressions, bugs, deployments, meetings, and deadlines. Actually, in our quest to reach our goals and become the software developers we want to be, we are usually our own worst enemies. Ego is what prevents us from asking for help, learning, collaborating and working hard.…

Worth Reading: Making providers responsible for content

15 June 2017

When online content hosts face a risk of litigation over user-generated content, they will respond with overbroad censorship measures that limit individuals’ rights to post and access lawful, constitutionally protected speech. This is true whether the litigation risk comes from the government (as it would under the proposed online censorship bill we’re fighting in Germany)…

Worth Reading: Liqid’s Composable System

15 June 2017

Hardware is, by its very nature, physical and therefore, unlike software or virtual hardware and software routines encoded by FPGAs, it is the one thing that cannot be easily changed. The dream of composable systems, which we have discussed in the past, is something that has been swirling around in the heads of system architects…

Worth Reading: What if there is no money in systems?

14 June 2017

Making money in the information technology market has always been a challenge, but it keeps getting increasingly difficult as the tumultuous change in how companies consume compute, storage, and networking rips through all aspects of this $3 trillion market. It is tough to know exactly what do to, and we see companies chasing the hot…

Worth Reading: The next five years of IPv6

14 June 2017

The qualities of this deployment seem to me (at least) to best fit a logistic supply curve. Why? Because the economics application is often to model the rate of uptake of innovation, where we know it starts low (or zero) and it winds up hopefully at 100%, but it can’t go on forever — there…

Worth Reading: vDoS for Money

13 June 2017

At the height of vDOS’s profitability in mid-2015, the DDoS-for-hire service was earning its proprietors more than $42,000 a month in PayPal and Bitcoin payments from thousands of subscribers. That’s according to an analysis of the leaked vDOS database performed by researchers at New York University. —Krebs on Security

Worth Reading: World IPv6 Report

13 June 2017

On the fifth anniversary of World IPv6 Launch, we’re excited to share a detailed report on the State of IPv6 Deployment in 2017. It really is staggering how far IPv6 deployment has progressed in five years. In mid-2012, Google measured less than 1% of users accessing their services over IPv6. Today that figure is getting…

Worth Reading: Keeping positive while job hunting

12 June 2017

Like many cities, Washington DC is a place one’s job title can define his or her success or self-worth. In the digital age, many still carry business cards with our titles. Romantic meet-ups begin with “So, where do you work?” —The Federalist