Worth Reading: The Value of a Degree

This post is not a “People with degrees are better than others” post and is written from my perspective as a network architect. I do believe though that the skills I will describe here are applicable to all networking/IT jobs and will be even more relevant further down the road. Here is some of the value I see in a degree based on that you get a degree in a relevant discipline at a good university and that you have the willingness to learn. —Daniel’s Networking Blog

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  1. Evil CCIE 9 November 2016 at 1:28 am

    There is an old say – ” Be an Engineer and not just an Engineering Graduate “. And to be a good Engineer one don’t need an Engineering degree specifically, however it should help to get better of course but that Idea applies to any study and stream more or less.

    I still wonder why some of big players out there don’t allow Graduates from other streams to apply for jobs or ask for only Engineering Degrees as an Entry pass for interview. I think that mind set needs to be changed too.

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