Worth Reading: Take a pause on ransomware

As these devastating global ransomware attacks illustrate, cybersecurity is not an issue that can be ignored. Any time a device or system is connected to the Internet, it is a potential target. What was once just another lucrative means of extorting money from Internet users, ransomware is emerging as a preferred tool for causing widespread disruption of vital services such as hospitals, banks, shipping, or airports. Attacks are growing more sophisticated and more enduring, with longer term damaging effects and wider impact. Ransomware exploits the slow pace of security patching, systems that are dependent on old software, and poor backup practices. It also provides a smokescreen for other nefarious acts including stealing data and credentials, or even wiping data. So, the name “ransomware” becomes illusory: what we are really dealing with is “hydraware.” —The Internet Society