Worth Reading: Networking in Azure

Hybrid networking is a nice thing, but the question then is how do we define hybrid networking? For me, in the context of the connectivity to virtual networks, ExpressRoute’s private peering or VPN connectivity, it is the ability to connect cross-premises resources to one or more Virtual Networks (VNets). While this all works nicely, and we know how to connect to the cloud, how do we network within the cloud? There are at least 3 Azure built-in ways of doing this. In this series of 3 blog posts, my intent is to briefly explain… —Azure

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  1. Steve 18 April 2017 at 4:42 pm - Reply

    Thanks, I was just digging into this today! One thing I have noticed is a lack of architecture guides for these various IaaS clouds. AWS/Azure tend to explain the how to, and feature info, but lack the reasoning behind using the various features. Maybe it is too early and these clouds are moving too fast, but best practices seem to be lacking right now.

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