Worth Reading: AI Has Become a Marketing Ploy

What’s behind the mystery and jargon? It turns out that Scry is a “social forecasting platform.” Users join for free and can enter their personal estimates of the probabilities that certain events will happen, with Scry calculating the average probability.

Worth Reading: How Did Zoom’s Infrastructure Keep Us Connected?

What bit of technology got us through the pandemic, was available for scaling up at just the right time to keep a pretty sizeable chunk of our economy working, redefined education on a moment’s notice, and now is redefining for the world the entire notion of work?

Worth Reading: Dissecting the performance of production QUIC

Content Delivery Network (CDN) administrators are often faced with a fundamental question: “Should I adopt a new shiny protocol or should I continue using a trusted and reliable protocol?” This has especially been true with the development, release, and standardization of QUIC.

Worth Reading: The AI-Driven Enterprise

Organizations that have already adopted and harnessed the power of AI are showing real and meaningful outcomes. By bringing simplicity, reliability and security to the network through AI, IT operations teams can focus on higher level tasks and users can benefit from superior experiences – all without the need to hire people with AI expertise.

Worth Reading: Why Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Intelligent

A funny thing happens among engineers and researchers who build artificial intelligence once they attain a deep level of expertise in their field. Some of them—especially those who understand what actual, biological intelligences are capable of—conclude that there’s nothing “intelligent” about AI at all.

Worth Reading: When Emergency Services Are Run by AI

Eve, who has no idea how incompetent management response can be, especially when it is just artificial intelligence, with no apparent grasp of her desperation as she starts to run out of life.

Worth Reading: Spending On Cloud Outposts Is Climbing The Hockey Stick

Some recent data out of IDC made out eyebrow go up and also confirmed a long-held belief of ours, and it is in regard to what we are going to call “cloud outpost” spending. Which means spending on pieces of the public cloud that are running on premises or in co-location facilities rather than in the regions of the major public cloud providers.

Worth Reading: Where text protocols came from, and why they’re not going anywhere

Text protocols — the ones our human eyes can read and understand — arose out of necessity. When much of our communications involve machines talking to each other, they might seem like a relic of a bygone era.

Worth Reading: It’s time to replace MD5 with TCP-AO

Over the last decade, there has been much discussion on the topic of replacing MD5 when authenticating control plane protocols such as Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Label Distribution Protocol (LDP), or any other long-lived Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) session.

Worth Reading: Network segmentation can protect supply chains from ransomware attacks

Organizations can take various steps to protect their operational technology (OT) environments against digital threats. But some stand out more than others. In particular, network segmentation is described as “the first answer to insufficient ICS (Industrial Control System) cybersecurity.”