Worth Reading: The Many Other High Costs Cloud Users Pay

Isn’t it funny how the same hyperscalers who are maniacal about building everything themselves – and who are making a fortune selling access to their infrastructure as cloud services – want you to use their Seriously Hard Information Technology and stop using your own?

Worth Reading: Flexible Work and Personal Digital Infrastructures

In search of increased productivity and reduced absenteeism, organizations have increasingly turned to flexible work arrangements. Although access to flexible work arrangements is more prevalent among high-skilled workers, in the form of flextime or co-working, the past decade has also witnessed growth of independent contractors, digital nomadism, digitally enabled crowdwork, online freelancing, and on-demand platform labor.

Worth Reading: Securing Seabed Cybersecurity, Emphasizing Intelligence Augmentation

There are nearly 400 undersea cables that stretch for almost three-quarters of a million miles, the densest concentrations of them being in the North Atlantic and the North Sea, the Mediterranean, and in Southeast Asia and around Japan.

Worth Reading: The Evolution of Securing Critical Infrastructure

A more modern example of the evolution of technology is in the area of critical infrastructure and operational technology (OT). Water and wastewater systems are just one classification of critical infrastructure.

Worth Reading: New DNS Name Server Hijack Attack Exposes …

Cloud security researchers from Wiz.io were poking around at Amazon Web Services’ Route53 Domain Name Service (DNS) earlier this year when they suddenly realized that its self-service domain registration system let them set up a new hosted zone with the same name as the real AWS name server it was using.

Worth Reading: A new look at DNS cache probing

This side channel can be exploited by a process called DNS cache snooping, or probing, which involves performing DNS queries with the ‘recursion desired’ (RD) flag set to zero (as specified by RFC 1035) and observing the Time To Live (TTL) on the DNS response, or lack of response.

Worth Reading: What are ping and traceroute, really?

Or you might simply say “ping me.” In fact, it’s not that uncommon on WhatsApp or your SMS client, to send the one word message: “ping”.

Worth Reading: An Afnic Study of the Global Domain Name Market in 2020, COVID Impact on ccTLDs

Afnic, the French Network Information Centre and manager of the .fr TLD, Has just published its Afnic’s Global Domain Name Market in 2020 Report on the global domain market in 2020. The study is based on ICANN statistics, information from registries, specialized websites, and its own research.

Worth Reading: Is Computing a Team Sport?

Most of us, in the field of computing, like to believe we are good team players. This seems not just the politically correct line, but also makes our work more feel more enjoyable.

Worth Reading: Realistic Emulation of Radio Access Networks

Mobile networks have become ubiquitous, offering connectivity performance from slow connections up to speeds comparable with broadband connections. Having tools to emulate such variability correctly is paramount to test new protocols and applications before publicly releasing them.