Worth Reading: What Will 2021 Have Install for the ICT Industry?

While 2021 will remain a year with lots of uncertainties, at the same time, we can say that the pandemic has not affected the information and communications technology (ICT) industry in any significant way.

Worth Reading: Tackling the Catch-22 of IPv6 enterprise uptake

Quite a few ISPs in the Asia Pacific region have embraced IPv6. Some even have an IPv6-only backbone! On the other hand, ‘bricks-and-mortar’ enterprises (banks, insurance companies, government agencies, and so forth) have been slow to adopt IPv6.

Worth Reading: 7 ways open source was essential to business in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic created many new challenges for businesses in 2020 as they rapidly moved non-essential workers to remote operations. However, it also created tremendous opportunities for innovation as people searched for effective ways to work and collaborate virtually.

Worth Reading: Understanding State Distribution in Junos OS® Evolved

From its very inception, the cloud optimized Junos OS® Evolved network operating system (NOS) was intended to simplify network operations. Based on cloud principles, it was engineered with visibility, open programmability and simplicity to facilitate network infrastructure at cloud scale.

Worth Reading: Using multiple rates and multiple channels to improve wireless performance

Devices in wireless networks can operate on multiple channels and automatically adjust their transmission rates for the occupied channels. While a higher transmission rate potentially contributes to a higher transmission throughput for wireless applications, it may result in a smaller area being covered.

Worth Reading: SpaceX Is First With Inter-Satellite Laser Links in Low-Earth Orbit, but Others Will Follow

They subsequently dropped the crossing link as too difficult and, when they finally began launching satellites, they had no laser links. Last year they tested ISLLs on two satellites.

Worth Reading: Get the Network Out of the Way

The more that the network is noticed the worse things are for everyone. Often times, especially when the network is noticed, networking and network engineers are thought of negatively.

Worth Reading: Address Assignment Practices in IPv4 and IPv6 — RIPE Labs

ISPs assign parts of their address space to users and subscribers. These assignments are typically not static. Often in a domestic network, a subscriber’s CPE will negotiate a lease on an individual IPv4 address or an IPv6 subnet via a DHCP or RADIUS exchange.

Worth Reading: IDNIC releases new routing information tool: KADABRA

With Internet traffic increasing three-fold during the COVID-19 pandemic, we at the Indonesia Network Information Centre (IDNIC), together with the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association, were both looking for a better way to monitor domestic routing incidents, such as route leaks and prefix hijacking. We were also interested in growth in IPv6 and RPKI deployment.

Worth Reading: Excessive Use of Technology: Can Tech Providers be the Culprits?

To compete in this environment, tech companies, intentionally or unintentionally, have adapted practices that have capitalized on varying features of human decision making and brain physiology to cultivate automatic, and uninterrupted use.