Worth Reading: Our Evolving Technologies

As I talked through each technology, it struck me that every technology we use for broadband is better now than three years. We don’t spend enough time talking about how the vendors in this industry keep improving technology.

Worth Reading: ISP Column – May 2021

n a model of a network as a collection of interior nodes and a set of attached hosts, the interior nodes use only the network layer to make forwarding decisions for each packet that is handled, while the hosts use the transport layer to manage the data flow between communicating hosts.

Worth Reading: Streamlining Data Center Tasks with Machine Learning

Digital transformation in IT departments enables businesses to take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to streamline tasks and improve operations in the data center.

Worth Reading: The 400 Gb/sec Ethernet Upgrade Cycle Finally Begins

But the hyperscalers and cloud builders, and probably some of the backbones of telcos and other service providers, are finally getting prepared to make the jump to 400 Gb/sec Ethernet.

Worth Reading: What SASE Means for Service Providers

If the future of digital business resides in the cloud, so does security. Organizations must ensure the privacy and integrity of their applications and data from the cloud and within their own data centers all the way to the edge — including branch offices, classrooms, factory floors or wherever people and “things” connect.

Worth Reading: Seamless Segment Routing (SR) Use Cases

In most networks, traditional traffic engineering requirements focused on building explicit paths for bandwidth management, protection and building paths to avoid shared risk.

Worth Reading: Drop telnet for OpenSSL

The telnet command is one of the most popular network troubleshooting tools for anyone from systems administrators to networking hobbyists. In the early years of networked computing, telnet was used to connect to a remote system. You could use telnet to access a port on a remote system, log in, and run commands on that host.

Worth Reading: What Google v. Oracle means for open source

Google v. Oracle has finally concluded in a sweeping 6-2 decision by the US Supreme Court favoring Google and adding further clarity on the freedom to use application programming interfaces (APIs). Software developers can benefit from this decision.

Worth Reading: Still Waiting for IPv6

In early 2011 the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) announced that it had allocated the last block of IPv4 addresses and warned ISPs to start using the new IPv6 addresses. But here we are a decade later and not one of my clients has converted to IPv6.

Worth Reading: We hammered Plume’s newest Superpod design with all-new Wi-Fi testing

We were the first to get our hands on the new Superpods, which retail at $159 apiece. Plume recommended four Superpods total for our 3,500-square-foot test house, so that’s precisely how we tested.