Worth Reading: Meta Rolls Out New Network Tech for Building its Facebook Metaverse

As Meta begins building a digital metaverse to house a future social network, it is rolling out new networking hardware and software to power its effort.

Worth Reading: Utilizing BGP Communities for traffic steering (part 1)

One discussion that seems to never fail to come up is “where do I put the Firewalls (FWs)?”. That is typically followed by I have a disaster recovery or backup site with FWs there as well. This inevitably leads to a state management problem.

Worth Reading: How Digital Transformation is Impacting Physical Modular Infrastructure

A recent report indicates that the global data center market size has witnessed a significant boost since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe.

Worth Reading: Dell spins off $64 billion VMware as it battles debt hangover

Dell Technologies will shed its 81 percent stake in publicly traded VMware, creating an independent software company with a stock market value of nearly $64 billion. Dell’s remaining hardware operations have an implied value of $33 billion, based on its latest share price.

Worth Reading: Monitoring Wi-Fi network performance from the end-user perspective

WiFiMon is developed under the GN4-3 project and provided as a service by the pan-European GÉANT network. In this post, we will provide an overview of WiFiMon and its basic features, installation instructions, and useful links.

Worth Reading: Amazon Seeks US Approval to Deploy 4,500 Additional Satellites for Internet Project

Amazon.com is seeking approval from U.S. communications regulators to deploy more than 4,500 additional satellites as part of the company’s effort to deliver broadband internet to areas around the world that lack high-speed service.

Worth Reading: Interplanetary Internet

We had a very interesting presentation and discussion regarding the topic of interplanetary internet with my international colleagues, of which Vint Cerf—one of the “fathers of the internet”—is also a member.

Worth Reading: Copper switch off

In Europe, for example, fiber rollout continues to gain steam, with more than 100 million homes in EU28 already having access to fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband, while the share of legacy copper-based broadband connections continues to decline.

Worth Reading: Edge computing — hype or ripe?

With the expansion of technology worldwide, it is certain that more compute capacity closer to where the data is created and/or used will be needed. We can expect that need to grow by a factor of 10 in the next 5-10 years. But who will provide the needed compute infrastructure?

Worth Reading: SRE Doesn’t Scale

For some reason, this little detail gets lost and, consequently, we see groups attempting to throw people at the problem, such as embedding an SRE on each team.