Worth Reading: Replacing HLS/DASH

While we were forced to switch protocols at the tech equivalent of gunpoint, HLS actually has some amazing benefits. The biggest one is that it uses HTTP.

Worth Reading: “Ghost Work” and the Enduring Necessity of Human Labor

In the famous sci-fi classic Dune, there are no computers. The only computing beings are humans with drug-accelerated reasoning abilities.

Worth Reading: The Power Of Opposition

It is common, however, for managers to confuse the “right people” on a team with those who all think the same. People who disagree, dissent, or oppose ideas and objectives are the “wrong people.” They get kicked off, or never let on to, the proverbial bus.

Worth Reading: Measuring ROAs

Here we will look at how we measure the adoption of the signing of Route Origination Attestations (ROAs) as part of the framework for securing inter-domain routing on the Internet using the digital credential framework provided by the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI).

Worth Reading: [Podcast] Negative caching of DNS resolution failures

In this episode of PING, Verisign fellow Duane Wessels discusses a late state (version 08) Internet draft he’s working on with two colleagues from Verisign.

Worth Reading: LLMs Are Still Faux Intelligence

I was recently asked to read a working paper by William L. Benzon that tested the ability of ChatGPT to play 20 questions, which is simpler than Jeopardy.

Worth Reading: Reflecting on the Morris Worm at 35

Thirty-five years ago today (November 2nd), the Internet Worm program was set loose to propagate on the Internet.

Worth Reading: From Loon to Taara–Google’s Moonshot Delivering Wireless Backhaul

The project was eventually dropped, but a remnant of the project has now resurfaced as Taara—broadband delivered terrestrially by lasers.

Worth Reading: Debunking the Myth of “Anonymous” Data

In an attempt to justify this pervasive surveillance ecosystem, corporations often claim to de-identify our data.

Worth Reading: SEC Charges SolarWinds CISO, Sending Shockwaves Through Security Ranks

The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged SolarWinds Corp., along with its CISO Tim Brown, with fraud and internal control failures related to the 2020 supply chain cyberattack on the company’s Orion Platform; ultimately leading to the compromise of US government departments by Russian intelligence.