Worth Reading: We are not done with state sponsored hacking

It seems every election is likely to be disrupted by some form of hacking and the subsequent spread of fake news and stolen documents. Unfortunately, the problem won’t go away. —Monday Note

Worth Reading: Openstack and complexity

It was only one T-shirt amongst the crowd of attendees at Monday’s opening day of OpenStack Summit 2017 in Boston, but it spoke on behalf of a good many others: “Make OpenStack Great Again.” —The New Stack

Worth Reading: RDNSS enabled in Windows 10

It is a pleasant surprise for many (us included) that Microsoft implemented support for the RDNSS (RFC 8106) option in Router Advertisements beginning with the Windows 10 Creators Update. Interestingly, I wasn’t able to find any official documents from Microsoft stating this. —Insinuator

Worth Reading: IoT devices will never be secure

The biggest problem with IoT security is that most devices are going to be relatively simple and inexpensive connected things. The bandwidth consumption of these devices should be kept to the minimum to save bandwidth. Yet at the same time, security is supposed to be a continuous process. This involves a party that is responsible…

Worth Reading: A simple start to project management

Being able to track your work efficiently is a very useful skill. For years I completed my work but rarely tracked my work in a project management professional (PMP) sort of way. Sure, I’ve done the weekly reports, sticky notes, Outlook tasks, and Outlook calendar block scheduling, which are all useful. However, simple project management…

Worth Reading: Automation and Jobs

Here is a milestone economics paper, showing that the new wave of automation is already a net destroyer of jobs. The next industrial revolution has begun, and the effects will accelerate from here. We have to start thinking about ways to divide the new wealth it produces — and handle the massive unemployment. —Fabius Maximus

Worth Reading: Enabling DNSSEC Validation

In July 2010, we saw an important Internet milestone: the Domain Name System (DNS) root zone was signed with DNSSEC, the DNS security extensions. DNS was designed without much thought given to security, but DNSSEC adds much-needed authentication and data integrity features. With DNSSEC, information in the DNS, including the root zone, can be cryptographically…

Worth Reading: Improving peering relationships in Japan

Route servers are used by many Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) — including our own at Japan Internet Exchange (JPIX) — to facilitate multilateral peering among various members. To better understand the peering characteristics of our members, we recently studied the routing table of our route servers operating at JPIX Tokyo and JPIX Osaka. —APNIC

Worth Reading: Partner or die

If your job is process oriented, for example, calculating make-goods for improperly filled orders, your whole department will be automated soon. Don’t let the pink slip surprise you. If you analyze numbers in Excel, craft a narrative about them, and move them around spreadsheets, your employable days are numbered. Any white-collar job you can learn…

Worth Reading: Lessons from Facebook’s split network backbone

Distributed applications, whether they are containerized or not, have a lot of benefits when it comes to modularity and scale. But in a world of feature creep on all applications, whether they are internally facing ones running a business or hyperscale consumer applications like Google’s search engine or Facebook’s social media network, these distributed applications…