Worth Reading: AIOps–It’s Time the Algorithm Worked For You

Typically, operational work is thought of as lower value, repetitive and reactive, but anomalous events and complex failures demand deep specializations and expertise no matter the domain. A calm and patient mindset may be an operational asset, but as environments around us accelerate and grow, their scope and scale can overwhelm those without the right tools and support.

Worth Reading: PCI-Express 5.0–The Unintended But Formidable Datacenter Interconnect

If the datacenter had been taken over by InfiniBand, as was originally intended back in the late 1990s, then PCI-Express peripheral buses and certainly PCI-Express switching – and maybe even Ethernet switching itself – would not have been necessary at all.

Worth Reading: Security in a Complex World

In 1999, security technologist Bruce Schneier published “A Plea for Simplicity.” In the blog, he famously wrote, “You can’t secure what you don’t understand” and “the worst enemy of security is complexity.” Schneier explained that analyzing a system’s security becomes more difficult as its complexity increases. His goal was to convince the technology sector to “slow down, simplify, and try to add security.”

Worth Reading: Why Future Advances In AI Need A New Architecture

Businesses will need to adopt AI technologies not just because they can, but because they must – AI is the technology that will help businesses to be agile, innovate, and scale.

Worth Reading: BGP, RPKI, and MANRS–2020 in review

Was there also rapid growth in the Internet routing table? Every year, Geoff Huston, Chief Scientist at APNIC, summarizes the behaviour of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) over the past year and makes fascinating observations.

Worth Reading: Impact of Centralized Control Plane Partitioning

He therefore focused on the specific case of centralized control plane (read: an equivalent of a stackable switch) with distributed controller cluster (read: switch stack spread across multiple locations).

Worth Reading: How to Size Firewalls in a Public Cloud

In our white paper, “How to Measure Performance of a Virtual Firewall Across Public Clouds,” we explore the six critical parameters needed for measuring a virtual firewall’s performance. Essential among them is an understanding of the virtual firewall’s architecture.

Worth Reading: Google’s mega-capacity new transatlantic submarine cable is ready for action

Google’s Transatlantic Dunant submarine cable system is ready for service, almost two-and-a-half years after announcing the project to bolster network capacity and resilience for Google Cloud customers.

Worth Reading: Reduce requests to critical DNS zones with LocalRoot

When an ISP’s DNS resolver starts up, it contains only information about how to bootstrap the DNS resolution process. Specifically, it only starts with a list of DNS service identities and addresses for where the ‘root’ of the DNS can be reached, also known as the Root Server System (RSS).

Worth Reading: Exploring EVPN-VXLAN Overlay Architectures – Data Center Interconnect (DCI)

It’s really not complicated – when multiple data centers are in use, it is a common requirement to interconnect them. For data centers using EVPN-VXLAN, enabling DCI functionality also using EVPN-VXLAN is a good choice as it provides a common protocol across the entire network.