Worth Reading: DNS at IETF 112

Here are notes from some selected working group meetings that caught my attention. And, yes, I should say at the outset that the DNS continues to catch a lot of my attention these days, so I’ll divide this report into DNS and the other topics. This is the DNS part.

Worth Reading: Migrating from fabricpath to EVPN/VxLAN

We’ll be looking at deploying an EVPN/VxLAN Data Center fabric and migrating from a cisco fabricpath environment to the new design.

Worth Reading: What Every Engineer and Computer Scientist Should Know

Through research drawing from psychiatry, neuroscience, psychology, and affective computing, I have learned some surprising things. In some cases, they are principles we have embedded into technology that interacts with people.

Worth Reading: Software-Defined Cooking Using a Microwave Oven

We present software-defined cooking (SDC), a low-cost closed-loop microwave oven system that aims to heat food in a software-defined thermal trajectory.

Worth Reading: Wi-Fi 7 to Make a Splash at CES 2022

Wi-Fi 6 — also known as 802.11ax — routers are only starting to trickle into homes today, and the even newer Wi-Fi 6E access points are barely hitting the market. Still, MediaTek is starting to prepare for the launch of Wi-Fi 7.

Worth Reading: ISP Design Guide — Separation of network functions

Large ISPs typically already embrace the philosophy of separating network functions, so the focus of this series will be to help new or growing regional ISPs understand the design intent and the challenges/costs of running networks that don’t separate network functions.

Worth Reading: Sustainability Sharpens Focus on Data Center Water Usage Effectiveness

We have been discussing the differences between air cooling and liquid cooling of IT equipment within the data center, which has recently gotten the most attention due to rising power densities.

Worth Reading: Being Serious about Local Resiliency

One of the things I’ve noticed through the years in the industry is that small ISPs plan for disasters better than large ones. When I visit a small telco that sits in a known flood plain, I expect to find huts built on stilts to survive floods.

Worth Reading: Improving the Resiliency of RPKI Relying Party Software

The security RPKI provides is clear, but what about the security of the infrastructure itself? For example, is it possible to disrupt RPKI Relying Party software by, say, introducing a malicious CA/repository into the tree? The short answer is: yes. For a longer answer, read on…

Worth Reading: OpenBSD Packet Filters

I mentioned PF, the OpenBSD packet filter, earlier. I must confess that PF has been an important part of my life in various contexts since the early 2000s.