Weekend Reads 121721

Unfortunately, when engineers are entrusted with the task of delivering smooth video streaming to our users, we face numerous challenges from ‘last-mile’ wireless connections.

Exploit code has been released for a serious code-execution vulnerability in Log4j, an open source logging utility that’s used in countless apps, including those used by large enterprise organizations, several websites reported last Thursday.

The Tuesday outage at an Amazon Web Services data center affected services from several collaboration software vendors, highlighting how reliant companies have become on cloud providers for a variety of workplace tools.

Amazon.com Inc.’s ubiquitous cloud-computing network, the spine for a lot of digital communications and transactions across the U.S., went dark for several hours on Tuesday.

This is the hoarder’s mentality. “I can’t use this right now, but maybe I will some other time.”

More than 35,000 Java packages, amounting to over 8% of the Maven Central repository (the most significant Java package repository), have been impacted by the recently disclosed log4j vulnerabilities

So much for a quiet holiday season: CVE-2021-44228 (aka Log4Shell) may well be the most impactful vulnerability we’ve seen in years.

Cybersecurity researchers have demonstrated a new attack technique that makes it possible to leverage a device’s Bluetooth component to directly extract network passwords and manipulate traffic on a Wi-Fi chip, putting billions of electronic devices at risk of stealthy attacks.

In late 2021, the term Web3 began to increasingly appear in mainstream media outlets. This does not refer, however, to a sudden increase in interest in the Semantic Web as defined by Tim Berners-Lee, but rather to something entirely different.

It also found affected hospitals had tens of thousands of outdated Windows 7 systems, and that the health system’s IT administrators failed to respond to multiple warning signs that a massive attack was imminent.

At 10:30 p.m. PST on Oct. 6, Twitch released the following statement on its corporate blog: “We have learned that some data was exposed to the internet due to an error in a Twitch server configuration change that was subsequently accessed by a malicious third party.”

The HDMI Licensing Administrator, the group that defines and licenses HDMI standards, has some confusing requirements around the HDMI 2.1 standard.

Intel issued a press release, unveiling various advancements in the fields of packaging, transistor, and quantum physics. The company has stated that these new findings were made in pursuit of Moore’s Law.