Weekend Reads 120619

Vulnerability assessments are useful for detecting security issues within your environment. By identifying potential security weaknesses, these assessments help us to reduce the risk of a digital criminal infiltrating its systems. These assessments also help us learn more about their assets in a meaningful way that allows them to improve our overall security posture. —Ben Layer

Older information-technology professionals are being passed over by employers, even as IT job openings soar to record highs and employers say recruiting tech talent is a challenge. —Angus Loten

Security researchers at SRLabs have found a number of vulnerabilities with the way carriers around the world are implementing RCS, the new messaging standard designed to replace SMS, Motherboard reports. In some cases, these issues could compromise a user’s location data, they could allow their text messages or calls to be intercepted, or they might allow their phone number to be spoofed. —Jon Porter

A newly discovered vulnerability in the Android operating system could let attackers abuse legitimate apps to deliver malware. In doing so, they could track users without their knowledge. —/Kelly Sheridan

On 1 October, APNIC introduced a special type of inet[6]num (that is, either an inetnum or an inet6num) record, called a whois stub record, into the APNIC Whois Database. It aims to fill in a few gaps in the data and improve query results, as will be demonstrated later in this article. —Rafael Cintra

Today, we’re happy to announce that 80% of Android apps are encrypting traffic by default. The percentage is even greater for apps targeting Android 9 and higher, with 90% of them encrypting traffic by default. —Bram Bonné

However, there are customers who prefer to have the compute and the rest of the infrastructure hosted within their own data centers. Their reasons include security, data governance and low latency. The AWS Outposts solution is designed to bring AWS Cloud services to customers’ on-premises data centers. An AWS Outposts Rack is delivered to a customer site as a preconfigured standalone rack, requiring only power and network connectivity to begin providing service in customers’ data centers. —Chris Spain

Let’s step back into the blockchain jungle and take a look at the current state of the ecosystem and the projects trying to solve some of the limitations of blockchain technology: speed and throughput, cross-blockchain information and value exchange, governance, and identity and account management. —Axel Smith