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From Facebook to LinkedIn to Indeed, ads are popping up that promise well-paying jobs — if applicants provide their Social Security numbers and other details up front. Scammers then use the information to apply for unemployment benefits.

The coronavirus pandemic giveth to Amazon retail business and its Amazon Web Services cloud business, and the pandemic taketh away from the Amazon retail business.

Companies should recognize that collaboration platforms aren’t isolated, secure channels where traditional threats don’t exist.

The Federal Aviation Administration said on Tuesday it had issued a special information bulletin alerting manufacturers, operators, and pilots that action may be needed to address potential interference with sensitive aircraft electronics caused by the use of 5G telecommunications technology.

The holiday shopping season always means big business for phishers, who tend to find increased success this time of year with a lure about a wayward package that needs redelivery.

If not handled in time, the attacks can lead to IP reputation loss and blocklisting, causing severe and expensive damage to companies, but a few precautionary steps can help keep the threats at bay.

The following resources and tutorials will enhance your understanding of container network security and help you get started.

With major changes to its physical design, specifications, and features, motherboards with DDR4 slots cannot use DDR3 RAM, and DDR4 RAM can’t be put into a DDR3 slot. Neither is compatible with the newer DDR5 memory.

The Internet should not have broken as badly as it did when one of Let’s Encrypt’s root certificates expired on Sept. 30.

However, sandboxing never really did deliver on its promise: to turn the unknown into the known. Too often, sandboxing misses threats, and in doing so gives organizations a false sense of security.

“In order to secure your account, please enter the code we have sent your mobile device now,” the voice said. PayPal sometimes texts users a code in order to protect their account. After entering a string of six digits, the voice said, “Thank you, your account has been secured and this request has been blocked.”

According to emails advertising the scheme obtained by Futurism, a Harvard blog post from a fake student like John can be bought for as little as $300 via PayPal.

The server environment is complex and if you’re managing thousands of Linux servers, the last thing you want is for an operating system vendor to do something completely unexpected.

Whenever a DNSSEC-signed zone changes its trust anchor — typically a Key Signing Key (KSK) — the delegation signer (DS) record has to be communicated to the parent zone via some API.