Weekend Reads 110323

With security, the battle between good and evil is always a swinging pendulum. Traditionally, the shrewdness of the attack has depended on the skill of the attacker and the sophistication of the arsenal.

While cyberattacks on websites receive much attention, there are often unaddressed risks that can lead to businesses facing lawsuits and privacy violations even in the absence of hacking incidents.

A new login technique is becoming available in 2023: the passkey. The passkey promises to solve phishing and prevent password reuse.

Security researchers have discovered what they believe may be a government attempt to covertly wiretap an instant messaging service in Germany — an attempt that was blown because the potential intercepting authorities failed to reissue a TLS certificate.

Artists suing generative artificial intelligence art generators have hit a stumbling block in a first-of-its-kind lawsuit over the uncompensated and unauthorized use of billions of images downloaded from the internet to train AI systems, with a federal judge’s dismissal of most claims.

Professional artists and photographers annoyed at generative AI firms using their work to train their technology may soon have an effective way to respond that doesn’t involve going to the courts.

Intel is shedding its silicon photonics transceiver module business as part of restructuring and cost-cutting measures, offloading it to manufacturing company Jabil.

Domain Name System (DNS) abuse stands has proven a constant in the internet threat landscape, posing risk to the overall digital trust.

SpaceX is equipping its new satellites with inter-satellite laser links (ISLLs). They now have over 8,000 optical terminals in orbit (3 per satellite) and they communicate at up to 100 Gbps.